VIA| A man noticed a couple of “broke” panhandlers begging for money outside of a Taco Bell and decided to follow the old adage of “teach a man to fish” and offer them an opportunity to earn an honest living.

They refused.

Here’s how he responded.

From TheBlaze:

When a man witnessed two “broke” panhandlers begging for money outside a Taco Bell, he decided to go the extra mile to help the guys out — he offered them a job, according to the man’s nephew.

But Michael Wooldridge, of Muscatine, Iowa, claimed in a Facebook post that his uncle Mike’s offer was turned down.

“My Uncle Mike offered these guys a job said he was busy right now could use the help they said no so he did this !! Wow don’t give these guys any money,” Wooldridge wrote.

But Uncle Mike didn’t stop there.

Instead, the man apparently made up his own sign and stood directly behind the panhandlers. His sign read: “Offered these guys a job. They said no. Don’t give money.”

The panhandlers hightailed it out of Taco Bell and started to beg at a different location, but Uncle Mike followed them and once again held up his sign.


While I’m all for helping the poor and needy, when you come across scammers like this, it makes it really difficult to be charitable.

There are plenty of legit homeless people who probably would’ve snatched the opportunity to have a job and earn their own money, however there’s also a metric crap ton of lazy loafs who don’t really even need to beg who are out to scam folks in order to avoid getting a job.

This is the product of progressive thinking, that self-entitlement mentality that destroys a person’s motivation for working.

Only one thing left to say:

Thanks, Obama.