Marco Rubio: Just Another Lying Establishment Favorite

ELDER PATRIOT – The powerful voice of the mainstream media is illustrated by Marco Rubio’s rise in the polls.  To any astute political observer Rubio is little more than a boy masquerading as a man of important thoughts.

Mr. Rubio’s recent rise is due to the Rockefeller Mediacracy’s abandonment of Jeb Bush under direction of their corporate masters and in favor of him.  The fact the mainstream media is pushing hard for Mr. Rubio should raise flags immediately.  Big Media isn’t in business to improve the lives of the people as much as it’s in business to improve the lives of the super rich by advancing a globalist agenda and a consolidation of corporate wealth.

“What he proposed was not well thought out. It was impulsive. He didn’t think it through,” Rubio said while trying to sound thoughtful and deliberate, himself.  He was discussing Donald Trump’s call to temporarily suspend the inflow of immigrants from the Middle East until we can better assess and address the national security threat posed by extremists who most likely infiltrated their group. 

“It violates the Constitution. It places a religious test. And it isn’t the best way to do this,” Mr. Rubio said.  He then provided his solution that sounded a lot like Trump’s solution: I think a better way to address this threat is to look carefully at the processes we use to vet people, understand that there are people that no matter how often you vet them, you’re not going to be able to allow in, because we lack information on that part of the world.”

Unless Rubio is suggesting that we continue the massive immigration process while “we’re looking carefully at the processes used to vet people” what was so vile, un-American, un-Constitutional, or bigoted about what Trump said?  Wouldn’t Rubio’s plan require some time to study the options and to then discuss them?


And Marco, wouldn’t any vetting process of these immigrants en masse must be considered profiling leaving everyone calling for increased vetting as their solution as bigots. 

Unfortunately for Rubio Trump’s proposal does make sense and it’s precisely because vetting people from that part of the world is almost impossible and the primary concern of our elected representatives should be to protect the interests of America’s indigenous population above those of anyone else.

Rubio has proven to be a political opportunist before by following the lead of John McCain.  Big donor corporate CEO’s, bankers and hedge fund managers love political opportunists because they can be bought.

As late as last Thursday Senator Rubio voted against an amendment offered by Senator Rand Paul to pause immigration from more than thirty Muslim nations that host strong Jihadist movements.  His reason?  It might’ve interrupted the vacations of those planning on visiting Disney World.  Someone should ask him about the vacation plans of the fourteen dead San Bernardinans.

Actually, misrepresenting his position on immigration is nothing new for boy Marco.  Despite all his protestations to the opposite, young Marco signed on to two immigration proposals early in his first term, the Gang of Eight bill that off-the-charts liberal Chuck Schumer authored and Rubio put his name to, and the I-Squared bill that was heavily backed by ultra-liberal Mark Zuckerberg.  Both bills would have increased Muslim immigration levels by multiples of existing limits.

The fact is Rubio has never supported limiting immigration from the Middle East in any manner, either by quotas, a moratorium, or cutting funding. 

Some analysts say the Rubio-Schumer bill “would have created endless avenues for this president to bring in an unlimited numbers of Islamic immigrants from the most volatile corners of the world.”

Rubio stood by the bill as late as two weeks ago while giving an interview to the Guardian.

Rubio’s tendency to purposely deceive his audience should be increasingly alarming considering his presidential aspirations.  In an interview with Sean Hannity he told his conservative audience that his bill made the granting of amnesty contingent on the border having first been secured.  That doesn’t square with his claim, during an interview on Univision, where he said, “First comes the legalization. Then come the measures to secure the border. And then comes the process of permanent residence.”

Don’t feel bad if you’ve been lied to by boy Marco.  He lies to everyone.  Customs Enforcement Union President Chris Crane said Rubio “directly misled law enforcement officers.  Sen. Rubio left unchanged legislative provisions that he himself admitted to us in private were detrimental, flawed and must be changed.”

Marco Rubio is a boy making it up as he goes along.  Be forewarned.  His meeting with the Bilderberg Group in 2012 may serve as a warning for who is pulling boy Marco’s strings.