ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – For the last nine months, the U.S. Marine Corps has conducted a study on the ability of female soldiers to perform in combat.  This study, entitled the USMC Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force, ran field exercises that simulated wartime requirements for direct combat units (i.e., front line troops) on gender integrated units versus all male units.

The results are no surprise to anyone who isn’t a radical feminist who denies gender differences.  All male combat units outperformed the mixed gender units 69% of the time, and the reason was because of the women in the mixed gender units.  Female soldiers taking part in the study had a significantly higher rate of physical injury, and early physical exhaustion.

The female soldiers had a 40% rate of physical injury (soft tissue and bone fractures) while the male soldiers had a 19% rate of injury.

Further, female soldiers were revealed to be vastly inferior to men in terms of strength and endurance.  Under the field combat exercise known as “The Artillery Lift”, soldiers are required to pick up a 95 pound artillery round and carry it 50 meters in under two minutes.  Less than 1% of male soldiers failed this test, while 28.2% of female marines did.

Another exercise involved a tank gun loading simulation.  Soldiers were required to load a 55 pound round for a main tank gun five times in 35 seconds, which is the minimum rate of fire expected of tank crews.  The test is done in an open air environment, meaning that the enclosed environs of a tank turret under combat conditions is even more demanding.  Less than 1% of male marines failed this test, while 18.68% of female marines did.

In basic physical strength tests, women also fared far worse than men.  The pull up test, just doing pull ups putting your jaw above a bar over your head, women averaged doing 3.59 pull ups while the men averaged 15.69, nearly five times more than women.


A female soldier struggles to lift part of a heavy 50 caliber machine gun

The results of a bench lifting test, requiring participants to bench press 115 pounds just once, followed by a bench press of 65 pounds six times, revealed that only 8.7% of female marines passed, while 80% of male marines passed.  I’m actually surprised 100% of male marines couldn’t do this bench press, but I guess standards have fallen, even with the Marines.

A test simulating moving over a seven foot high wall resulted in 21.32% of women failing, while only 1.2% of men failed.  Again, I’m surprised every male marine can’t do this.

These physical strength tests are not an abstraction.  In a combat environment this physical conditioning directly translates into a marine’s ability to perform a Fireman’s Carry of a wounded comrade, overcome enemy obstacles, carry heavy loads of weapons, ammunition, and other gear, and have the stamina to endure hours of direct combat with the enemy.  If these standards are watered down for the political goal of Obama and the feminists being able to preen that they have “fully integrated” the military, the results will be disastrous on the battlefield.  Foreign fighters will give us no brownie points for political correctness.  If you can’t haul your butt over a wall to safety, they will shoot your butt dead, without mercy.


The Marine’s field study reports that in the case of mixed gendered units, there are numerous instances of “male compensation”:  “Numerous cases of compensation were observed during physically demanding tasks, in which males shifted positions to take over certain aspects of tasks from females”.  This included males performing 16 out of 18 Fireman’s Carry (one soldier carrying a wounded soldier to safety) and males moving more quickly to carry the heavier loads, such as 95 pound artillery rounds.

While I applaud the gallantry and chivalry of those male marines, it is not fair to them to put their lives in jeopardy during combat by making them fight with female marines who can’t carry their own weight, and can’t rescue a wounded male comrade because the women can’t physically cope.  That is, however, precisely what Obama and his Pentagon toadies plan to do to these men.  Obama is pushing to add women to ever combat branch and unit, including Special Forces such as Navy Seals and Army Rangers.

Hollywood, and the Gaming Industry, has created the myth of the Woman Warrior that is every bit as strong as a man, and capable of being a Super Soldier.  But make no mistake, it is nothing more than a myth.  It is a fiction and a lie.  One that can get a lot of good people killed.

These concerns don’t even cover the plan to put homosexual and trans-genders into the ranks of combat units.  Morale and unit cohesion will be, and has been, sacrificed, again in the name of political correctness.  Male on male sexual assaults are skyrocketing in the military, now that Obama has allowed homosexuals to openly serve in our military.

This is not an academic discussion.  America remains at war in the Middle East and Obama’s adventurism and incompetence threaten to embroil us in a World War with Russia either in the Middle East, or The Ukraine, at any time.