Mark Levin: Sanctimonious Neocon Roars #NeverTrump

ELDER PATRIOT – Conservative talk radio icon Mark Levin told his listeners that he has joined the Never Trump crowd.  I’ve met Mr. Levin on a number of occasions.  He is an honest and decent man but on this he is wrong and he has exposed a level of sanctimony and self-righteousness that is disappointing because it doesn’t serve his listeners interests.


Mr. Levin’s reasoning centers around Roger Stone, who he considers to be a Trump operative.  This is the same Roger Stone that Mr. Levin’s friend and associate MRC President Brent Bozell decided should be silenced for speaking his mind.


Who is Roger Stone and why is he engendering such hatred from Ted Cruz’s supporters that they would deny him First Amendment protection and lead them to accept a Hillary Clinton presidency?


Roger Stone is a highly effective political operative who believes in Donald Trump’s message and who has tapped into the large number of Republicans, Independents and even some Democrats who have been disenfranchised by what they view as an oligarchy that has no interest in their needs.


Messrs. Levin and Bozell are veterans of the rough and tumble political wars so their outrage over Roger Stone comes off as disingenuous.


Because of Mr. Stone’s effectiveness they attack his tactics while at the same time sanctimoniously defending Senator Cruz’s strategy to disenfranchise voters by stealing the delegates the voters thought they were awarding to Donald Trump.  Where is the morality in that?  They accept Mr. Cruz’s campaign attack on Melania Trump absent similar indignation because self-righteousness has no mirror.


For both Mr. Bozell and Mr. Levin Roger Stone’s contribution to Trump’s success is unacceptable because the have spent the better part of the last five years promoting Ted Cruz for the presidency whereas Mr. Stone speaks to a movement that is challenging their strident neocon ideology with both populism and nationalism as their guide.


The #NeverTrump group finds themselves advocating for Hillary Clinton as our next president because Ted Cruz would prove to be unelectable.  They would have you believe that Mr. Cruz is the second coming of Ronald Reagan.  He’s not.  Reagan was a populist, a nationalist, and well liked.  In this sense Donald Trump has more in common with Mr. Reagan than Ted Cruz ever will.


Mr. Cruz is a neocon, an ideology that has run its course, brought down by unsuccessful military adventurism, U.S. hegemony, a globalist view, virtually unfettered government growth along with the massive debt these strategies place on its citizens.


Mr. Cruz has more in common with Barry Goldwater the strident conservative who won only six states (all in the South) in what was a massive landslide that gave Lyndon Johnson the presidency.  If anything, today’s electorate has grown even less accepting of the strident positions of Mr. Cruz.  A Clinton presidency promises to be even more devastating to the values these two purport to defend than was Johnson’s, if that’s possible.


Both Mr. Levin and Mr. Bozell are politically savvy and they know this is the reality that we face but they are willing to accept it.  Their followers should be asking them why instead of blindly following them over the cliff to another Clinton White House.