MEDIA REPORT 9-21-2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrives at a fundraising event at a golf course in the Bronx borough of New York, Monday, July 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

ELDER PATRIOT – CNN’s latest poll shows Hillary Clinton expanding her lead over Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.  WTF does this say about her supporters who apparently couldn’t care less about what a miserable, deceitful, and law-breaking bitch she is?  Sanders offers all of her ideology without any of her miserable personage.  Useful idiots.


The New York Times has exposed the Obama administration’s orders to U.S. servicemen stationed in Afghanistan to stand down when they see Afghani military officers sexually abusing young boys.  Even if the abuse is being committed on U.S. military bases. 

All cultures are not equal and Obama’s orders to turn our back on this grossly immoral behavior clearly demonstrates the president’s desire to debase ours to the greatest extent possible.  With this administration funding the very enemies our military is engaged against and now this attack on their Christian beliefs, it’s no wonder morale is so low amongst our troops.


The Wall Street Journal knows everything is all about the money.  Everything is always all about money even when it comes to the Catholic Church.  The WSJ is reporting that rather than return to it’s holy roots, the abandoning of which caused a mass exodus by disgusted adherents, Pope Francis has decided he’d prefer to once again embrace lawless behavior in order to grow America’s Catholic Church.  His target market is illegal immigrants.


The Gateway Pundit reports that Hillary Clinton appeared before a mostly empty room at New Hampshire College.  It’s not clear whether that’s all the students that give a darn or only those who agreed not to ask Madame Hillary questions.

__________ reports that Donald Trump enjoyed a post-debate bump and has increased his lead for the Republican presidential nomination.  Carli Fiorina overtook Ben Carson for second place with those preferring someone other than Trump but still refusing to support any of the established liars from the establishment.


Agence France-Presse tells us what our mainstream media won’t; Secretary of State John Kerry has opened our borders to 200,000 so-called Syrian refugees over the next 24 months.  Anyone examining the pictures coming to us of these “asylum” seekers cannot but notice the overwhelming percentage of military age males they are composed of.  How can we know with any assurance that there aren’t radicalized terrorists in their midst?  After all we were warned that similar pictures of American soldiers returning from war zones had potential terrorists among them by this very same administration.


The Washington Post reports that freedom-seeking Cuban dissidents were carted away under the direction of the Castro brothers rather than be allowed to attend the Papal Mass where their protest of the Papal Marxist might be heard. 

Individuals’ freedoms are subservient to the “greater good” in the thinking of Pope Francis, something he shares history’s Marxists and Nazis.

“For many will come in My name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many.” – Matthew 24:5


The Hollywood Reporter recounts that it took only five minutes before the Emmy Awards turned into a platform to defame non-establishment candidate Donald Trump proving once again that Hollywood exists to expound the message of the Ruling Elite.  More proof came when they attacked Democrat upstart Bernie Sanders, as well.  Still waiting for someone to say something, anything about the American liberals’ infatuation with Ma Barker, aka Hillary Clinton.


The Daily Caller points out the absurdity of the mainstream media when they ask Republican candidates if they’d ever vote for a Muslim for president? 

The question is intended to show Republicans as small-minded with a lack of willingness to embrace different cultures when the facts tell a different story. 

Republicans embrace the Constitution and the Judeo-Christian foundations upon which it was founded.  They also recognize that we are in a culture war against a Muslim element that would gladly kill us and turn our women into chattel.

I’ll believe this question is born out of stupidity and not maliciousness if the media openly asks the Democratic candidates the same question in a publicly televised setting.

Frankly the entire multicultural movement was only intended to weaken the United States by Balkanizing us and it has worked.  Multi-ethnicity is not the same as multicultural and it’s important to recognize the difference lest good judgement be successfully decried as racism. 

__________ has reported on Donald Trump’s release of a white paper detailing his stance on the Second Amendment.  Simply, Trump promises to be as supportive of the Second Amendment as the Framers were.

His three major points:

No new laws.  Enforce the laws on the books.

Fix our broken mental health system.

Defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners.


USA Today reports that major donors – Samsung, ExxonMobil, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Hewlett-Packard – have severed ties with the Clinton Global Initiative that has been exposed as little more than a giant piggy bank for the Clintons’ personal enrichment.  Chemical giants Monsanto and Dow are also cutting back on their involvements.


Finally, The Guardian reports on an over zealous North Carolina prosecutor who brought child pornography charges against two adults.  The twist is the pictures they possessed were selfies of themselves on their cell phones taken when they were 16.  Doesn’t there have to be a victim in order for there to be a crime?