Media Report August 10th 2015

CLEVELAND, OH - AUGUST 06: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump fields a question during the first Republican presidential debate hosted by Fox News and Facebook at the Quicken Loans Arena on August 6, 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. The top ten GOP candidates were selected to participate in the debate based on their rank in an average of the five most recent political polls. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images) *** BESTPIX ***

ELDER PATRIOT – The Morning Consult now has Donald Trump being favored in the Republican presidential race by 32% of respondents following a weekend of polling.  It seems that Americans are pissed off at everyone from establishment politicians to those doing the reporting about them.  The more any of them attack him, the higher his approvals rise.

The fact that a Fox News debate moderator seemed more intent on getting an aha moment from the Donald rather asking probing policy questions as was asked of the other candidates did not go unnoticed by Republican viewers who have grown sick of the incumbents who have failed to deliver anything but Obama’s agenda while getting a free ride from the mainstream media.

It is significant to note that the biggest winners from Thursday’s debate were Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and Trump.  Fiorina, Carson and Trump are complete outsiders while Cruz is a first-term senator who has bucked Republican Party leadership since he arrived in Washington.

The mood of the Republican electorate is becoming clear.  They’re ready to send the highly polished party regulars, who promised conservatism but who have instead delivered the Progressive agenda, their pink slips.  As for the media that has served as the propaganda arm for the Progressive movement, it seems the public has had enough of them as well.


Last week Breitbart News reported Obama defended his Iran nuke deal by calling those Iranians calling for death to America “only a fringe element.”  Today, The Washington Free Beacon quotes an Iranian military leader as saying, “Only the dead body of the American troops realizes the power of’ Iran.”  

WFB is also reporting that Russian warships have docked in Iran for war training and, get this, Russian preparedness to sell advanced missile defense systems to Iran.  This is the same genre of missile defense system that Democrats have consistently bargained away for our country in negotiations dating all the way back to the Salt Talks under Jimmy Carter.

Maybe Obama needs to clarify his definition of “fringe.”


The Washington Examiner is reporting that 100% of all new jobs filled by women since 2007 have been taken by foreigners.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics has released data showing a gain in U.S. employment for foreign-born women of just under 1 million jobs while U.S.-born women have lost 64,000 jobs since Obama’s election.

How’s Obama’s immigration policies working out for all you gals who supported him?  Hey, but don’t worry, at least your contraception will be paid for.  I’d guess you consider that winning the war on women?


The Hill has reported that Liberals are livid at Chuck Schumer for opposing the White House’s nuclear deal with Iran and are threatening to block his appointment as Senate Democratic leader, a position that he is clearly in line for.

WTF did they expect from Schumer and other Democrats who rely heavily on their Jewish constituencies at election time?

Once again the Democrats have proven they are the party of the big tent…as long as you walk in lockstep with their leadership.


 Fox News has reported that Iranian Quds commander Qassem Soleinmani traveled to Moscow in direct violation of U.N. Security Council resolutions barring him from leaving Iran.  While there he met with Russian leaders.  Soleimani was designated a terrorist in 2005.  These are the people Secretary of State John Kerry and Barack Obama are telling us to trust with the future of the Middle East.


Judicial Watch reported that the U.S. Census Bureau paid Dick Gregory to deliver an Anti-White racist tirade at their agency headquarters during Black History month.  No one was fired.  That should come as a surprise to no one since only white people must mind their words under Obama’s Progressive agenda.


Ted Cruz wrote a scathing condemnation of Republican leadership in The Daily Signal.  He challenges Republicans to tell him which piece of legislation that was moved through the Congress by McConnell and Boehner would have been different had Reid and Pelosi still held the top spots in each chamber?


The has breaking news that Cheryl Mills, Hillary Clinton’s Luca Brasi, has announced her intention to destroy emails in direct defiance of U.S. federal Judge Emmitt G. Sullivan.  As long as the mainstream media continue running around with their noses up the Clinton’s asses, Hillary will feel free to thumb her nose at the law.  The Founders understood the need for a free press not one that serves as the propaganda arm for either party.


The Weekly Standard has learned that Democrats who are planning to block a bill defunding Planned Parenthood refused to watch the undercover videos exposing the organization as a baby chop shop.

It seems more and more our representatives and senators look no further than party leadership to tell them how to vote, readily admitting that they read little or none of pending legislation. It’s become obvious that they’ve traded their allegiance to their constituents for the enrichment that comes from big financial institutions and mega corporations.


Erick Erickson of has removed any doubt as to whether he was a Republican Party shill by dumping Donald Trump from making an appearance at RedState Gathering.  No matter how offended one pretends to be by Trump’s verbiage he remains the party leader by a wide margin.  I guess Erick decided running an event that nobody paid attention to was preferable than letting the Donald share the stage.

Seems to me if Trump is the “ticking time bomb” that the mainstream media claims he is the best approach would be to give him as much airtime as possible so that he blows himself up.