Media Report August 13th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The New York Post has exposed another liberal who claims to be for the “little people” and then uses their money to line the pockets of their friends…and the friends of their friends.

New York City mayor Bill de Blasio authorized the creation of a $150,000-a-year for Stephanie Yazgi the gal pal of long-time de Blasio aide Emma Wolfe.

A Democratic insider said of the hire; “That’s just a made-up position.  It makes no sense. They create a position for her for $150,000 that’s a redundancy.”

No other candidate was interviewed for the job meaning, most likely, there was more competition for Emma Wolfe’s affections than for this repugnant use of taxpayer dollars.

A single instance of misusing public funds should be grounds for impeachment.  Instead, because it’s become the norm rather than the exception, the public shrugs in resignation.  Wake up, you’re paying for all of this.


More from the New York Post, where it’s reported that Mayor de Blasio is locked in a war with Uber trying to “protect his donors from the yellow-cab industry.”  This is not limited to New York. 

In Broward County, Florida Uber has been told they can no longer operate there.  Uber was charging 60% less for the same rides as competing cab companies.  That doesn’t leave much room for the government’s share.

The Left is all about progress as long as they can legislate a middle for themselves.

If you haven’t already figured it out, government has become little more than a protection racket with many government programs becoming slush funds.


The Daily Caller quotes Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson telling Fox’s Neil Cavuto that Planned Parenthood’s founder Margaret Sanger was a eugenicist who sought to limit the growth of the black population explaining the reason why so many of their “women’s reproductive health centers” are located in black neighborhoods. 

On protecting babies I’m with Dr. Carson.  It’s his position on how we seek to protect them after birth that I take umbrage with.  Carson has stated his support of mandatory vaccinations.

With autism rising to epidemic proportions no accepted causal link has been determined by the government despite clinical research purported to link the MMR vaccine to austism.  At the very least, common sense tells us that injecting a baby with highly toxic chemicals before their immune system is developed isn’t wise.

Dr. Carson should not be mandating to parents what’s best for their children.  If vaccines work then it shouldn’t matter to you if my child is vaccinated or not.


A Reuters story begins, “The U.S. government has warned states moving to defund women’s health group Planned Parenthood that they may be in conflict with federal law, officials said on Wednesday.”

Word to these post-Constitutional big-government sycophants, read the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.” 

There simply were no grounds for forcing the funding of this barbaric group by the states in the first place.  Now that some states are waking up to this fact, the federal government will threaten them with the loss of funding elsewhere in order to keep them in line.


The Washington Examiner cites census data admitting to 42.1 million immigrants, legal and illegal, now living amongst us.  If the number is accurate – it’s probably low – that’s 42.1 million mouths to feed and doctors to see.

The indisputable facts are that 42.1 million people are taking our jobs, feeding off our welfare state, or committing crimes in order to survive.  With record numbers of U.S. citizens finding employment unavailable this is unconscionable.  With our social welfare programs awash in red ink this is financial stupidity.  Arguing these points does not make me a racist.  It makes me a realist and the senators and representatives who have refused to close our borders guilty of violating the sovereignty of our country and of their sworn obligation to protect and defend the citizenry.

Food for thought:  Is there any indication that these same foreigners will be as forgiving of us as we have been of them were they to gain control?  A look at where they came from should lend some insight into answering that question.


The Hill has reported that Democrats are entering “panic mode” over Hillary’s violation of national security protocols while Secretary of State.  Why?  Because this threatens their hold on the highest office in government and control of the purse strings that have been used to enrich them in return for their votes.


The good folks at tell us that the federal government has collected close to $2.7 trillion in the past 10 months.  That translates to an annual figure over $3.2 trillion. 

That’s $3.2 trillion dollars that should be in the hands of the people driving the economy upwards through increased purchasing power and greater investment in new and expanding industries.  Instead, that money is being squandered on foreign “aid,” corporate welfare, compassionate application of our welfare programs for 42.1 million immigrants, salaries and benefits for federal employees that dwarf those paid in the private sector, and an endless list of other non-productive uses. 

Oh yeah, even that isn’t enough for the insatiable appetite of Washington’s big spenders as we’re plunging an additional $1.5 trillion dollars into debt this year, as well.

Numbers too big for you?  Try this instead; if you’re an average taxpayer the federal government will be taking $21,546 dollars from you this year.