Media Report August 20th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Variety has reported that Caitlyn Jenner has an even chance of facing vehicular manslaughter charges.  This is the person ESPN chose as the winner of their ESPY for courage over many more deserving candidates whose only failure was that they didn’t fit the liberal narrative that ESPN feels they must advance.

This is also the story that the Drudge Report is leading with ahead of the important stories that follow below.


The Wall Street Journal is quoting Hillary Clinton’s campaign now admitting that classified emails were present on her private server – the server that she had profession wiped clean before handing it over to investigators.


McClatchy News Service tells us that the State Department took no action after Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal’s email was hacked exposing Hillary Clinton’s private server to hackers.

It’s become obvious that Mrs. Clinton deliberately exposed national security secrets to hackers.  The only questions left to be answered is who the hackers are, whether Mrs. Clinton had pre-arranged their access to our national secrets, and how she was personally enriched by allowing the breech to take place.

Think of this way, if you live in a dangerous neighborhood and your house is broken into aren’t you even more likely to increase the security of your home afterwards?


CBS News says they’ve identified two emails on Hillary Clinton’s server that contained classified information about the attack on our embassy in Benghazi, Libya.  Mrs. Clinton did nothing to prevent attack and took no steps to save the lives of the four United States citizens who were slaughtered there.

We predicted this to be the case over a week ago.


NPR, which exists only to prove why the government should not be involved in the dissemination of information, has suggested that the “Government inquiry in Clinton emails may widen.”  Ya think? 

True journalistic investigators would be demanding the widest possible investigation considering the importance of the position she commanded when the breech occurred and the fact that she is the front-runner to be our next president.


WHAS in Louisville, Kentucky has reported that Kentucky’s lone Democrat in the U.S. House of Representatives John Yarmuth is “expressing concern” that Clinton’s email problems are “potentially a disqualifying scandal for her candidacy.”  Really?

If Hillary Clinton weren’t such an arrogant, narcissistic bitch she’d step aside for the sake of her party.  We’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg and there’s more than enough dirt to torpedo her candidacy already, even if the sycophants who support her refuse to face the reality of her corrupt ways.

Then again, her party isn’t worth saving and if she and Obama have a shootout at the OK Corral we could be in for a really interesting next few months.

If the Democratic Party implodes over this my faith in God will be further strengthened!


The New York Times typically reports how this email scandal is weighing on Mrs. Clinton and making campaigning difficult because it’s not going away as readily as her other scandals that they buried.    I kid you not.


Writing in the USA Today mega-idiot Anne Marie Slaughter declares the only alternative to the one-sided Iran Nuke Deal is all out war and that would be, both, “a great gift to the terrorist group Islamic State, as we would be attacking its archenemy in the ongoing Sunni-Shiite struggles” and, “It would strengthen the hard-liners in Iran for the next generation.”

Here’s an idea that Leftists like Ms. Slaughter never seem to contemplate.  Fighting a war to actually win it so that “hard-liners” are turned to room temperature and future radicals are discouraged from ever venturing there again.

Thank God these idiots weren’t in charge of our forces during WWII or we’d likely be talking German.


It seems Hillary Clinton’s preference in gal pals are very much in line with her own arrogant ways.  The UK Daily Mail reports Huma Abedin tried to force her way past Secret Service agents screaming “don’t you know who I am” when they asked for her identification.  After the flare up she expected them to carry her luggage. 

I’m sure these boys enjoy a couple of beers now and then with their friends in the FBI who are in charge of investigating Hillary’s email scandal.  Why Huma would give them any added incentive to expose the Clinton team’s treachery defies logic.

This is not going to end well for Huma or Hillary.  The beer will never taste sweeter or colder for these security agents than when they frog-walk these two arrogant bitches in for arraignment.   


The Weekly Standard reports that yet another Goldman Sachs alum has been named to the Federal Reserve.  Could it be any more obvious that Goldman Sachs is now managing America’s entrance into a New World Order?


Our friends at Breitbart News reports that Mexican Drug Cartels are in control of U.S. territory seventy miles into Arizona.  It’s hard to believe but we’re being invaded on our southern border and nobody seems to give a shit.  We’re too busy fighting wars without end on the other side of the world to worry about the homeland.  For its part Homeland Security is occupied labeling Conservatives as threats to this country to devote any resources to this.


The Washington Examiner cites statistics showing that 400,000 anchor babies are born here every year turning 1,200,000 illegals into citizens when mom and dad are added to the count. 

Have we become such a cowardly society that we won’t even defend our country against unarmed invaders, if not for ourselves then for our children?


CNN has reported that the Republican National Committee is running a war room to undermine Donald Trump’s insurgent campaign.

I’d feel sorry for these guys who’ll have to answer to their masters for not maintaining control of their party’s march towards the new world order if I wasn’t so busy enjoying watching them squirm.