Media Report January 2nd 2016

ELDER PATRIOT – The Left always has the same tired refrain for their failures, it’s someone else’s fault.

Now the L.A. Times is running an Op-ed headline saying that, In 2016, white people must take responsibility for Donald Trump

The premise is that, ‘’ “Trump is unleashing this sense among a certain group of white men that violence is acceptable.”

Huh? Unless my eyes are failing me those were blacks running wild and destroying Ferguson and Baltimore, and it has been Black Lives Matter that has been calling for the murder of whites and the police. 


The New York Times headline chronicles the story, “How Jeb Bush Hopes to Save His Candidacy.”

Everyday that Jeb remains in this race underscores his lack of ability to deal with reality.  Frankly, it’s been Bush’s inability to deal with reality in formulating his policy positions that explains why he has been overwhelmingly rejected by the Republican tank and file.

There are two reasons Bush hasn’t dropped out yet and neither speak well for him, it’s costing him nothing because he’s spending other people’s money, and he’s waiting on the Republican Party’s leadership that is working feverishly to figure out a way to steal the nomination for him.


Dean Obeidallah who writes a column in the Daily Beast and often appears on CNN started the New Year off with a tweet containing this message; Al Qaeda and ISIS using Trump’s words to help recruit shows how unqualified Trump is on foreign policy. He’s more a threat to US than them.”

Uh…yeah, like Reagan was more of a threat to us than he was to the Soviet Union.

__________ reports, “Obama Declares He Will Act Unilaterally on Gun Control:  “Congress Still Hasn’t Done Anything.”

Can you imagine?  The one Constitutional protection that Congress hasn’t voted to repeal and Obama has a hissy fit.  Perhaps members of Congress worry about the massive backlash that is waiting for them should they try to limit gun ownership any further. 


Breitbart is reporting that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is calling Trump a thug who will “take America into the abyss of hell.”  Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  Farrakhan and his bow-tied thugs have spent decades using intimidation to advance their Black Supremacy agenda and now that someone is finally standing up to the Islamic assault on our values he feels compelled to resort to crying about it like other limp-wristed leftists.


Fox13 in Salt Lake City has gotten their underwear in a knot over a new dating website called “

The “news” outlet goes out of its way to find people who were willing to voice a negative thought about the new website.  One mindless drone was able to blurt out this semi-coherent response, “I just feel we should be past that whole mindset of staying within our own race and segregation pretty much.”

In the interest of journalistic integrity Fox never thought it necessary to ask the respondents their thoughts about the dozens and dozens of black only, Indian only, Asian only, gay only, and every other “only” dating sites that crowd the Internet.


Under the WTF category of journalistic malfeasance is the Atlantic’s column entitled ‘Promise Kept’: The Senate Finally Votes to Repeal Obamacare.

McConnell and his pals know the president isn’t going to sign on to repealing his signature piece of legislation.  This type of vote will look great on those glossy campaign pieces that show up in your mail prior to your state’s primary but have nothing to do with governance.

The Republicans could’ve blocked its approval when it was passed or defunded itanytime in the interim if that was their goal.

This is precisely the type of feckless grandstanding that has the rank and file rejecting their leadership and the mainstream media that carries their water.


Today’s New York Post has an Op-ed citing a record level (60%) of disapproval for the president’s handling of terrorism and 64% disapproval for his handling of ISIS.  Those numbers are artificially high because many of the potential respondents had their heads so far up their asses that their answers couldn’t be heard.

For his part the president couldn’t give a shit what anyone thinks.  Like many dictators that have come before him it’s his agenda and no one is going to stop him from implementing it.  Wait, you were thinking the Republicans would stop him?  How foolish of you.


More and more Billionaires and Millionaires are freaking out over the prospect of a Trump presidency and the end of the politics of crony capitalism that has padded their bank accounts at the expense of the American taxpayers for the past eight years. 

One such self-entitled “businessman” paid for a skywriting plane to fly over the Rose Bowl and leave this message behind, “America Is Great! Trump Is Disgusting.”

Overnight polls show Trump gaining another point on his challengers because of this. 


It’s now January and I’m waiting to hear from Jeff Wald who is a contributor to the HuffPost.

On October 2nd, Wald presented “The Five Reasons That The Donald is Done by December.”  In order they were:

The act is getting old.  Happy to tell you Jeff but “the act” is attracting more followers not less.

He simply has no policies.  That dog don’t hunt.  Trump has articulated immigration and economic policies that are resonating with Americans to a much greater degree than his “stay the course” challengers have offered.

Campaigns are one on the ground.  That was the case when candidates, their political parties, and the mainstream media were respected for having at least a modicum of integrity.

He doesn’t actually have the money.  It’s never smart to underestimate the strength of you enemy but in this case it’s beyond stupid.  Even if Trump were in need of money there are still Billionaires who love this country and would ante up for him.

He won’t react well when he’s not the leader.  We never find out if that’s true or not.  He’s tripling his nearest challenger in at least one poll.

Hey Wald, how does crow taste?


The Huffington Post claims: “You Can’t Be Descended From Immigrants And For Controlled Immigration.”

My grandparents immigrated here at the start of the last century.  They asked for nothing from the government and got it.  They became citizens as soon as it was legally permitted for them to do so.  They rejected any designation of their citizenship that used a hyphen to distinguish themselves from any other Americans.  They would soundly disapprove of today’s wave of immigrants, so many of who are feeding on the carcass of what they built.

They also approved legislation that ended legal immigration for over four decades.

Liberals count on all Blacks voting alike, all gays voting alike, and now any descendants of immigrants voting alike.  That hardly defines a free and open society where each person is free to vote according to their life experiences, their financial or social situations, and their personal beliefs – religious or otherwise.