Media Report July 20, 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Watching the political pundits in the mainstream media try to explain how each brash statement Donald Trump makes is going to lead to his demise is becoming entertaining, if not comical.

First, his statements about illegal Mexican immigrants was supposed to prove his undoing.  It didn’t.

Then his temerity in questioning John McCain’s heroism was sure to make him yesterday’s news.  It hasn’t.

The most recent Monmouth poll, released today shows the Donald’s approval among Republican voters surging.  According to the poll of 452 Iowans, Trump trails only Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker 22% to 13% in the Iowa caususes.  Trailing Trump by more than the margin of error are Dr. Ben Carson, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz, all at 8%.   Trump is also leading many national polls.

The mainstream media, serving as the propaganda arm for the Corporate-Bankster Ruling Elite have been trying to undermine Trump’s candidacy from the beginning before turning their long knives on Scott Walker.  Their job is to clear the decks for Jeb Bush who, like his father and brother before him, will continue ceding our sovereignty to international corporations and foreign capitols while doing nothing to stop the bankrupting of our country and it’s citizenry.

For his part, Trump has already demonstrated his resolve by accepting the loss of tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars from losing contracts with NBC, Univision, Macy’s, and with some celebrity chefs like Geoffrey Zakarian who were slated to open restaurants in his hotels and casinos.  Faced with apologizing or losing these lucrative relationships, Trump dug in, something Republican voters have been begging their Washington based representatives to do.

It seems Trump’s bravado might be a breath of fresh air to Republican voters who have been watching their elected representatives in the House and Senate roll over like trained dogs whenever Obama tells them to.

Except for Bush’s presence in the Iowa poll, the other four can all be considered Washington outsiders.  True, Cruz is a senator but he has consistently bucked his party’s liberal ways.  Including Cruz in the calculus means 51% of Iowans are looking outside of Washington for a president who will solve the nations problems.


The Donald may have touched a nerve among Republican voters who are disgusted with everyone and everything associated with Washington politicians.

Groups like the Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media have helped open people’s eyes to the incredible bias they’re being fed by the media.  Trump may be the biggest beneficiary of their decades long efforts.

Let’s hope Trump is able to stay in this to the end.

Reuters is reporting that 66% of Americans now favor term limits for Supreme Court Justices.  Reuters doesn’t tell you why the Framers decided against term limits.  The Framers wanted the Justices to be insulated from political pressures when considering important decisions.

These days appointment to the court is solely dependent on political considerations.  Intellectual lightweights Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor are on the court for one reason only.  They will vote how Obama desires.

The Framers actually did account for term limiting Supreme Court Justices in the Constitution; it’s called impeachment.  Of course, the Framers steeped in integrity, fidelity, and possessing cojones never could have envisioned the squirrely, duplicitous, lying gangsters that pass for our representatives and senators today.

It’s nice that voters recognize the problem but don’t expect this to go anywhere.

If you had any doubt that Liberals are mentally ill you’ve got to see them line up to sign a petition calling for a 1% tax on white people because they enjoy something called “white privilege.”  Mark Dice has posted his latest man in the street video online for all to see.

What, exactly is “white privilege?”  It can’t be getting rejected from Princeton with a perfect SAT score and nine varsity letters while your black high school classmate is accepted with lesser accomplishments, can it be?  And, it certainly can’t be a highly unqualified first term senator whose resume includes nothing but community organizing becoming the first black president, can it?