Media Report July 24 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Two Inspector Generals are seeking a criminal inquiry against Hillary Clinton for violating national security when she used her private email to communicate sensitive information regarding official State Department issues.

Clinton will hide behind a defense of plausible deniability saying that it was an honest mistake with no intent to put classified information at risk.  That will satisfy her supporters who are blind to her dozens of increasingly heinous scandals.

Having observed the sickening disregard for national security issues the Clintons have profited from in the past, the more likely scenario is that the email was made known to a third party – either for money or to alert a pet organization or government of hers – with a pre-arranged hacking scheme.


Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is trying to make a case for his candidacy.  In a speech he made to the Family Leadership Summit Carson said, “I think there are a lot of people (Blacks) who are waking up.”  Seriously Ben, you will never deliver the black vote to the Republican Party.  Just ask Clarence Thomas how being a black conservative works.


The Hill is reporting Hillary Clinton has taken to Facebook to answer a wide range of questions from her followers.  She’s gone so far as to discuss the daily challenge she faces with her hair and makeup.  Can you believe it?

Now if she’ll only answer the questions of the reporters assigned to follow her.  The fact that she is commanding 65% of the Democrat respondents support in her presidential bid truly makes a loud statement about just how vapid her supporters are.


The U.N. has voted 15-0 in support of the Iran nuke deal Obama has negotiated.  Let me be the first to say, who gives a sh*t?

Predictably, Republicans have reacted in phony outrage as though they’ll ever challenge the dictatorial powers they’ve willingly ceded to Obama over the past six years.  However, appearance does matter since we’re in an election cycle.  Their false outrage will provide cover later when they try to explain the nuances that “forced” them to acquiesce to Obama’s deal.


Continuing to do the work of the one world government crowd, the Obama Administration is planning additional executive action aimed at clearing a path for illegals to stay here while Obama plans his next executive amnesty order.  Between the president and our lap dog congress the sovereignty of the United States is evaporating quickly.


Former Texas Governor and presidential wannabe Rick Perry has become the most recent party hack to go after Donald Trump.  The last time we saw Perry he was exposing himself as a bumbling fool during a Republican presidential debate by failing to remember just which government programs he wanted to axe.


The Government Accounting Office has released a report by its undercover watchdog unit noting that of the twelve fictitious people they created fake documents for, eleven were able to successfully enroll in Obamacare.  The phony enrollees were then automatically renewed this year.  Even after six were flagged five were able to get reinstated by making a simple phone call.  Why does none of this surprise us any longer?

Corruption and malfeasance that would have heads rolling in the private sector are met with barely a raised eyebrow when government employees are at fault.  I know there must be a reason we pay government workers 1.5 times as much as private sector workers in similar jobs.  For the life of me I just can’t figure it out.


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