Media Report July 25th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Marco Rubio was questioning Secretary of State John Kerry yesterday during a Senate committee reviewing the Iran nuclear deal.  Rubio’s question revealed more about his view of our government’s responsibility than Kerry’s insipid answers did about the secretary.

Rubio asked Kerry:

“It’s important for companies anywhere in the world to know that whatever investment they make in Iran, they’re risking it and they’re betting on the hope that Iran never violates the deal betting on it, and they’re also hoping the next president doesn’t re-impose congressional sanctions by which they would become a sanction entity.”

Seriously Marco?  The treaty allowing a nuclear Iran should be dependent on how it protects corporate interests?  The phrasing of Rubio’s question proves the influence that corporations have over federal decision-making.  The logical extension of that line of reasoning are companies like G.E., who don’t pay a penny in taxes and continually out-source jobs from the Untied States to expand their obscene bottom lines can expect military protection at the taxpayers’ expense.  These are the same taxpayers who are taking it in the shorts at the hands of these corporations with the outsourcing of jobs and financial bailouts using their money.

Hey Marco, what about the safety of U.S. citizens???  How do you even consider this treaty when you’re negotiating with a fanatical and radicalized Ayatollah who was recanting his tired mantra of “Death to America” throughout the talks?

I guess there’s a reason Rubio was the first candidate during this presidential cycle to be welcomed to appear before the Council on Foreign Relations.  Apparently Rubio is one more candidate willing to trade the United States sovereignty for corporate gain.


The Ayatollah Khamenei tweeted out a meme of President Obama holding a gun to his own head this past week.  What a jokester, eh?  Secretary of State John Kerry who is leading the negotiations on behalf of the United States chose to ignore the Ayatollah’s “insensitive” comments and instead admonished his questioners:  “If Congress doesn’t approve this deal, the Ayatollah Khamenei will never trust us again.”

Trust us again?  Iran is the largest financial supporter of state funded terrorism and we have to prove our trustworthiness to them?  What does Kerry know that he’s not telling us?

It seems Liberals and Progressives always trust foreign dictators. From Neville Chamberlain to Jimmy Carter to Barack Obama they insist we are the ones who have to acquiesce to these despots.  Churchill proved Chamberlain wrong but only after sixty million people had been slaughtered.  Reagan proved Carter wrong in the process freeing over 100 million people residing in Eastern Europe.  Let’s hope our next president is cut from the same cloth as Churchill and Reagan were.

Food for thought: Obama and Kerry trust a man who has sworn to kill us with nuclear weapons capability but want’s Americans disarmed.  What do they know about what they’re planning that they aren’t telling us?


Kenneth Shortgren, economics writer for has a story about the undo influence Monsanto has over our government.  International mega-Corporation Monsanto owns the GMO (genetically modified) food market and they do not abide competition in any form.

In our growingly health conscious society many people want to eat wholly natural organic foods.  In pursuit of that goal they have lobbied Congress to pass legislation requiring all food be marked if they’re GMO or completely natural.  Congress refused the people’s request.

Not to be denied, the same people took their request to the states where, to date, three states have legislated the peoples right to labeling accuracy.  Monsanto won’t allow this and went straight to Congress to circumvent any further state actions and to override the legislative initiatives of Maine, Vermont and Connecticut.

Acting in direct contravention of the Tenth Amendment, Congress passed bi-partisan legislation that overrides the rights of the states in this matter by mandating that the food processor can decide whether they want to label their products or not.

We now have a government that exists to support corporations in every way and at any expense.

I wonder how all those small restaurant owners feel about the law forcing them into menu labeling now?


More proof of the existence of a Global Elite that is playing fast and loose with our money comes from the Daily Mail.  The British government has directed over $75 million of their taxpayer’s dollars to the Clinton’s charities ostensibly for goodwill.  The goodwill they have in mind is with Hillary if she were to become president.