Media Report July 27th 2015

Description=U.S. President George W Bush joins former U.S. President Bill Clinton as they attend the official groundbreaking ceremony for the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial in Washington, November 13, 2006. REUTERS/Larry Downing (UNITED STATES)

ELDER PATRIOT – The arrogance that President Obama displays is becoming sickening.  The U.K. Telegraph has reported that Obama lectured Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta on gay rights.  What could the Agitator-in-Chief have hoped to accomplish besides scoring some brownie points with his gay constituency back home.

During the joint press conference President Obama went on to lecture the Kenyan President on endemic corruption that is holding back the economic growth of Kenya.  Mr. Obama didn’t address the endemic corruption of his government that is holding back the economic growth of the United States and crushing its Middle Class.

For his part, Mr. Kenyatta sounded more like the leader of the free word should by taking the high road and restricting his comments to the values our two countries share.


Some time ago I wrote an article outlining why Rand Paul does not deserve to be president.  The article highlighted Rand throwing his support behind Mitch McConnell in Kentucky’s Republican primary battle when McConnell was in danger of losing to a TEA Party candidate.  Paul was buying future favors at the people’s expense.

The results of Rand’s decision to put his self-interest ahead of the people’s interests are now beginning to surface.

First, McConnell moved to reauthorize the Export-Import Bank.  The bank is nothing more than another form of corporate welfare.

Next, McConnell blocked an amendment proposed by Ted Cruz that would have required Iran to recognize Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state and to release the American hostages they’re holding in exchange for the lifting of sanctions.

McConnell then blocked a vote that would have denied Planned Parenthood taxpayer dollars.  In light of the revelations in recent days of Planned Parenthood’s backroom operation selling harvested body parts from the babies they’ve killed this was certainly worthy of a debate and a vote.

Forget Rand Paul.


World Net Daily is reporting Maricopa Counrty Sheriff Joe Arpaio had his office raided by federal marshals.  The federal agents seized 50 hard drives containing files on illegal immigrants that Arpaio’s department has had contact with.

Maricopa County in Arizona is under siege by illegal immigrants – 50 hard drives full of information indicates the breadth of the problem – and the people who live there keep re-electing the sheriff because he’s proven his willingness to enforce U.S. immigration laws in spite of Obama’s orders not to.

Adding to Obama’s reasons for sending in federal marshals was Arpaio’s willingness to question Obama’s birth certificate.

Sheriff Joe and the good people of Maricopa are learning first-hand what happens when you dare to challenge a dictator.


The L.A. Times is reporting Hillary’s attempt to remake her public image in response to her highly unfavorable polling.

Jennifer Palmieri, Hillary’s campaign’s communications director tried to explain: “Americans don’t know the first 35 years of her life. And that’s not what happens with most candidates.  They don’t emerge on the national scene without you understanding where they came from. So we thought it was important: Let’s go all the way back to what originally motivated her.”

Word up Jennifer, Hillary’s problem isn’t that we don’t know enough about her, it’s that we do.  After all, Hillary’s previous campaign strategy was to say she was co-president for 8 years with her husband.

From the time she gave her valedictory speech at Wellesley where she insisted the American flag be taken down before she commenced with her remarks until recently when she went back to sleep rather than make an effort to save her fellow Americans serving at the embassy in Benghazi, we know Hillary.

Hillary’s campaign will attempt to minimize her negative poll numbers by painting Mrs. Clinton as having confronted the same issues as average Americans and that is what is motivating her to run.  Unless the issues facing you include:

  • Which embassy head to let die tonight?
  • Which innocent American you will be able to blame a terrorist uprising on?
  • How to stay married to a serial philanderer?
  • How to use emails to divert classified information?
  • How to convince Jews that you support Israel while simultaneously throwing them under the bus?
  • How to launder money through your global charity?
  • How to stand dutifully by your husband while a smear campaign is unleashed under your direction and aimed at his latest victim of sexual assault?
  • How to denigrate highly decorated members of the military who are assigned to protect you by turning them into servers at White House functions?

Let there be no doubt about it, what’s motivating her to run is her lust for power and her greed.  These are dangerous traits for any leader.


If there was any doubt about Jeb Bush being the candidate of the Ruling Elite this story from Bloomberg Politics should put that to rest.  Bush the candidate spoke to a large group of East Hampton’s wealthiest chief executives and hedge fund managers this past Saturday.

The gathering was equally split between Republicans and Democrats.  More proof that it’s impossible to tell a difference between mainstream R’s and D’s.  In fact, the event was hosted by registered Democrat Kenneth Lipper who later commented that, “Virtually the only one who left without writing a check was a buck deer that wandered past the group.”

These men deliver the big money but only with the confidence that it is being given with a quid pro quo.  Whatever Bush promised them you can bet that you’ll be paying for it one way or another.

Daddy Bush squandered the Reagan legacy.  Brother Bush paved the way for the Obama debacle.  Please, no more Bushes.