Media Report October 6th 2015 Special Edition America in Shambles

ELDER PATRIOT – The Hill reports Hillary Clinton has gone on the attack over those investigating her actions the night of the Benghazi Massacre claiming they’re simply partisan hacks.  Mrs. Clinton’s excuse that there’s a “vast right-wing conspiracy” behind every one of her scandals is beyond ludicrous at this point.  The fact that she still has the backing of a majority of Democrats does not speak well for the intelligence and critical thinking skills of a sizeable amount of Democrat voters who will participate in choosing the next president.


Breitbart News is reporting that Arabic is the fastest growing language in the USA and that 63.2 million residents use a language different from English in their homes.  As well, over 40% of residents have difficulty speaking any English at all.

What would Lincoln have said?  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  BTW, according to the gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke, Jesus said something very similar.


The New York Post reports that Hillary Clinton’s first national TV ad bashes the GOP for politicizing her involvement in the Benghazi Massacre.  Four Americans lost their lives that night and Mrs. Clinton did nothing to help them.  To her that doesn’t warrant an investigation.  Contrast that with Mrs. Clinton’s role in the Watergate hearings where she played a role in bringing down a sitting president over a break-in that President Nixon had no involvement with.

Americans are fond of saying they vote for the candidate and not for the party.  Unfortunately that’s hardly the case.  Too many voters are more divided along falsely manufactured ideological lines than ever before and seem incapable of embracing the truth about their party’s candidate.  Mrs. Clinton plans on capitalizing of this sad truth.


Once again we have to turn to Breitbart News for a news story that the mainstream media deliberately avoid reporting:  A Senate immigration subcommittee has released its findings that current immigration levels will result in new 103 million foreign-born residents over the next 50 years while only 14 million new Americans will be produced by today’s citizens over the same time period.  America will soon be unrecognizable as it continues to be overrun by immigrants demanding their cultures take precedence over others, and lacking all sense of what our constitutional republic is all about.


The Daily Caller reports that the Republicans’ most likely successor to John Boehner as Speaker of the House has exposed himself as either a complete moron or a co-conspirator to help insulate Hillary Clinton from the damaging revelations that the congressional committee investigating Benghazi is certain to turn up.

Either way the Republican leadership in both houses of Congress has been an abysmal disappointment that has repeatedly demonstrated their unwillingness to defend the American people or the Constitution.

There’s no reason to expect leadership to improve even if Kevin McCarthy were not to succeed Boehner.  Next in line behind McCarthy is Steve Scalise.  Both have similar ratings (60%) from the Heritage Action Scorecard that rates office holders conservative voting records.  That’s even down from the 68% that Boehner rates.  By comparison, Nancy Pelosi has a lifetime 86% liberal voting record. 


To The Death Media reports how Russian President Vladimir Putin has exposed Obama’s phony war with Isis.

“Putin…has moved into the power vacuum in the Middle East left by Barack Hussein’s “Sharia Compliant” foreign policy.  It exposes Obama for having switched sides in the War on Terror, and having actually PROTECTED ISIS, making war on the Assad Regime in common cause with ISIS.”

It’s bad enough to contemplate our lost standing in the world but to have ceded the moral high ground to the Russians is sickening.


Unfettered and illegal Immigration is threatening our country, our debt is so out of hand no one chooses to talk about it any longer, we engage in immoral wars for who knows what reasons, and the Rockefeller Mediacracy (aka the mainstream media) ignores all of it. 

Instead the front pages of The New York Times, The Washington Post and the L.A. Times are touting a new trade treaty that most likely will only further weaken our nation’s economy if past trade bills are any barometer of such things, our apology for mistakenly bombing a hospital, and other news of little consequence to your future or your children’s future.

It’s becoming hard to fathom any other reasons for this but that our leadership apparently takes their marching orders from foreign governments, the United Nations, international corporations, and private banks – as does our mainstream media that in almost all instances is owned by these enemies, er entities.