Media Report September 14th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The Washington Post has revealed Jeb Bush’s plan to recapture the Republican base.  Speaking before a group of supporters in Miami on Saturday, Bush started, “The party I believe in…” while removing his dress shirt to reveal an old Reagan Bush ’84 T-shirt underneath.

This type of grandstanding illustrates just how out of touch the mainstream of the party is with the mood of the electorate.  The Conservative base of the party has abandoned the party’s leadership and their candidates precisely because Daddy Bush squandered the Reagan legacy almost immediately upon succeeding him as president.  Brother George followed by squandering control of both houses of Congress by growing government in an unprecedented fashion while doubling the nation’s debt.

In light of party outsiders polling a combined 61% right now you would think reminding voters of how much the party has strayed from its days under Reagan would be a stupid move. 


Republican presidential candidate Bobby Jindal appearing on Fox News Channel has decided that his future as a politician requires him to suck up to the party’s current leadership so he has gone on the offensive against Donald Trump: Donald Trump’s got a unique platform to run for president. He has declared bankruptcy more often than any major corporation in America in the last 30 years.”

If you stop to think about that it only enhances Trump’s credentials for the presidency.  I can think of no greater issue confronting the American people than the impending collapse of our bankrupt economy.  Trump has shown the knowledge and resilience required for recovery on a major scale.

Under Jindal’s leadership Louisiana’s debt has increased so dramatically that Louisiana State University has considered seeking bankruptcy protection.  Whether that is political theater or not matters little, state spending in Louisiana has grown far faster than inflation since Jindal took office in 2007.  Jindal is just another “house republican” trying to endear himself to the party apparatchiks. 


The New York Times was enamored over the answers Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer supplied during their recent interview with him.  To others it was confirmation that he’s a political hack.

Breyer admitted that he decides what the law should be then reviews any supporting documents he can find to serve as a basis for writing his decision.  This includes any foreign law that serves his purposes.

This alone demands his impeachment.  By law and by his own sworn oath he declared fidelity to the Constitution and nothing else.  Though he has come to believe it, he is not an oracle. 


Writing in for The Heritage Foundation Ronald D. Utt highlights just how out of hand government funding has gotten. 

Congress has authorized three separate earmarks (aka pork) totaling $320 million to build a bridge connecting Ketchikan Alaska (pop. 8,900) with its airport on the island of Gravina (pop. 50.)  Presently a ferry service is the only means of traversing the waters but users complain that wait times can run up to 30 minutes and cost $6 per car.  Seriously.

All 8,950 residents would have to make the trip over 6,000 times each to come close to equaling the cost of this boondoggle.  Obviously some politician is getting rich off of this.