Media Report September 18th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – The Free Republic is reporting that Obama has nominated the first openly gay service secretary to lead the army.  It’s becoming clear from the record number of openly gay appointees to leadership positions in his administration that being gay has become a litmus test for advancement.  This should be unacceptable to every American who puts qualifications ahead of sexual orientation or skin color.

Washington Post columnist Dan Balz continues to show how the Rockefeller Mediacracy works.  He’s not there to report and analyze the news.  His job is to shape the reader’s perception of what they’re reading.

“For many of the Republican presidential candidates…finding a solid base of support has proven to be a daunting challenge,” he wrote.  “From candidates such as former Florida governer Jeb Bush to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and Ohio Gov. John Kasich…the summertime success of Donald Trump has created unexpected obstacles…That has left the GOP no closer to knowing who its 2016 nominee will be…”

Any serious analysis of the poll numbers show that Republican voters are soundly rejecting “the members of the governing establishment in the GOP” with complete political outsiders being favored by them by anywhere from sixty to eighty percent. 

To put this in perspective, if the numbers were inverted and Bush had thirty percent with Kasich at twenty-four percent would Balz have written that dismissively of the poll numbers or that things are shaping up as anticipated?

As anticipated by the CEO’s of major international banks and mega-corporations that have come to own the “the members of the governing establishment in the GOP,” that is.


The Associated Press reports that Fed uncertainty is weighing on the world’s stock markets.  Only a fool would see the Fed’s current position as one of uncertainty.

The Marxists who sit on the Federal Reserve rode their Keynesian policies to the end and have successfully indebted the people to them beyond any logical ability to repay.  Their corporate partners are awakening to the fact that they made a deal with the devil and are about to be left out in the cold and they’re the ones mired in the uncertainty of not knowing what to do about it. 


The Hill has a blazing headline that says:  Hillary Willing to do More Debates.” 

Debates are the last think Hillary’s campaign wants.  The memory of a brash first-term Senator Barack Obama cleaning her well-seasoned clock in the 2008 debates proved her vulnerability in such an open format.  This explains her carefully scripted, by admission only, campaign events, as well.

The Clinton’s own the Democratic Party.  Why else would they still be supporting her when she is as likely to end up in the Big House as the White House? 

If Hillary truly wanted more debates she’d have them.  The only reason the DNC scheduled any debates in the first place is to maintain some belief among the party’s faithful that they control the party and not to remove any remaining doubt that the party controls them.


Rasmussen Reports, the respected pollster, has Trump and Carson tied for the lead for the Republican presidential nomination.  Carson will fade quickly when gun owners learn that he’s a believer in gun control “under certain circumstances,” like if you live too close to a populated area.  Libertarians will desert him as they discover he’s in favor of mandatory vaccinations.

There are multiple studies showing a correlation between autism and vaccines.  It’s also disconcerting that one of the doctors making this claim was found dead under questionable conditions. 

Whether Carson is positioning himself for the big money that Big Pharma throws at their favored candidates isn’t yet known but it’s just illogical to think you can inject infants with highly toxic vaccines and expect their immune systems not to reject them in some fashion.


The Daily Caller is reporting that 20 climate scientists (aka political hacks working to keep their grants that were awarded by Leftist regimes) are calling on President Obama to prosecute “deniers” under RICO statutes. 

Calling them political hacks is perfectly justified because science is never settled and no serious scientist would ever suggest that it is. 

The fact that these same researchers were caught using purposely corrupt data to support their claims of global warming suggests they should be the ones being prosecuted under RICO laws…along with the left-wing politicians funneling taxpayer money to them in return for their bogus reporting.