Media Report September 28th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – Breitbart News reported on President Obama’s speech in front of the LGBT gala that served as a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee where the president’s comments once again demonstrated that he represents less than half the people:

“America has left the leaders of the Republican Party behind,” he declared proudly.

Conservatives’ problem with George Bush was he spent too much in an effort to have government help all of the people.  Obama has sought to squash us entirely.

Reminder to the president:  In fifteen and half months we will have control of the government.  Those who have been cheering your crush-the-opponent political style can expect their payback to be a bitch.


The Hollywood Reporter quotes Michael Sam as saying the reason he’s not in the NFL is because he’s admitted to being openly gay.  Hey Michael, why in the world were you drafted if that’s the reason?  Stop with the victimhood already.  You’re not in the league because you’re not a good enough player.  And, apparently not mentally tough enough either!


The Free Beacon tells us that the federal government is developing an app to determine your psychological state of mind.  The National Institute of Health has spent almost $9 million for a real-time behavior monitoring system they’ll be able to access from your mobile phone.  This Big-Brother government continues to become scarier.


Even The Washington Post recognizes the threat of big government propaganda:

“NASA tweeting that Congress should give it more money so our astronauts won’t have to ride on Russian rockets. reporting overly optimistic statistics on jobs saved and created by stimulus funds.  The Department of Health and Human Service Web site encouraging the public to ‘state your support for health care reform’ during the congressional debate over Obamcare.  These are just some recent examples of the executive branch using our tax dollars to shape our opinions.”

The Post correctly notes:

“America becomes less democratic when the $3 trillion executive branch uses its resources to tilt the debate in its favor.

The Post must be upset that Obama has used our tax dollars to bypass the Post as the intermediary source of influence.  That’s immaterial, in the process they’ve made the case that Conservatives have been arguing for seven years.


Politico reports that billionaire Democrat donor Tom Streyer is demanding another debate that will focus solely on climate change (no longer named global warming because the earth is now cooling) and clean energy (also known to be unreliable and more expensive.)

Why does Streyer want such a debate?  He’s the head of NexGen Climate a group that makes it’s money off of the clean energy movement that sounds good but is accomplishing nothing environmentally and is stifling the economy.  The longer he can perpetrate this fraud on the American people the richer he can become.  Thus, he’s leveraging his big dollar contributions to buy what would amount to a three hour commercial for his products.

With the American people becoming more concerned about economic woes and increasingly willing to put environmental issues to the side for now, Mr. Streyer sees the need to influence as many useful idiots to support his company as possible prior to the election.


APNews reports that Marco Rubio is ramping up his campaign in Iowa prior to the caucuses.  Let’s see how much money the big money guys throw his way now that it has be established that Jeb Bush won’t be their man. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Rubio explains his role in the Gang of Eight on immigration reform.  It would appear that Donald Trump will own him on this issue with the suddenly more muscular conservative base.

If he gets past that there’s always his kanoodling with the Bilderberg Group that demands an explanation.