Media Report September 8th 2015

ELDER PATRIOT – ABC NEWS’ David Muir interviewed Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton today.  The optics for a presidential candidate was sickening.  After spending virtually the entire interview explaining away how innocuous her illegal handling of classified information was while Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton was asked if she thought her candidacy would be able to survive.  Her response was, “of course I can!”  How’s that for hubris?  The same actions have landed others in prison. 


ESPN has suspended their lead baseball analyst Curt Schilling for the remainder of the season.  Schilling’s offense was a tweet equating Nazis with today’s radical Islamists.

ESPN’s response was astounding, “Curt’s tweet was completely unacceptable, and in no way represents our company’s perspective.”

Consider that Schilling was 100% accurate in his comparison.  During World War II 25,000 Muslims were recruited, inducted, trained and armed by the Nazis to form an Islamic arm of the SS. Tens of thousands more eastern Muslims fought for Nazi Germany. Their commonality was founded in a shared desire to exterminate Jews.

When the war ended the Nazis were provided sanctuary in Islamic countries.

Here’s a question for the scumbags that run ESPN, just what is your company’s perspective? 

__________ is citing multiple professors at Washington State University

For threatening to fail students for using common descriptors that the professors consider “oppressive and hateful language.”

Words such as “illegal alien” and “illegals” will result in lower grades.  Even words like “male” and “female” are off limits.

The punishment for repeatedly using the banned words includes but isn’t limited to removal from the class without credit, failing the assignment, and even failing the semester.

Oh yeah, one more rule; White students will defer to non-white students. “Students will come to recognize how white privilege functions in everyday social structures and institutions.”

This should make parents of white students happy when they’re shelling out close to $40,000 annually and the non-white their child is “deferring” to is riding a schollie on their dime.


PBS’s evening news anchor Gwen Ifill recently let her personal feeling be known when she tweeted “take that Bibi” in response to the likelihood that the Iran Nuke Deal was assured of passing.

It’s incidents like this that have conservatives calling for the defunding of what is nothing more than a government run news service.

How can we expect unbiased reporting about the government from people who are paid by that same government?

It’s not as though there’s much of an audience, either.  Since Ifill took over the evening anchor seat viewership is down 48%.


Roll Call tells us that the State Department is overwhelmed by the number of requests for ex-Secretary Clinton’s emails stemming from over 17 judges.  Ain’t that just too bad?

There’s an irony in all of this.  Americans have to petition the courts to get a glimpse at what Madame Hillary made freely available to foreign entities.