Merry Christmas or Bah Humbug: Putting The Deal With Iran in Perspective

ELDER PATRIOT –  This Christmas 94,000,000 Americans over the age of 16 who can’t find work will be struggling with buying gifts for their loved ones.  With retail sales stagnant last month it’s becoming apparent that Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with even a modest rate of inflation.

Over the past few years the average American has spent between $801 and $861 on Christmas presents.  With food costs rising precipitously and so many Americans without jobs it is likely families will be spending some of the money previously earmarked for gifts on their Christmas dinner this year.

So while you’re wrestling with spending less than last year on your loved ones this Christmas give this a thought:  The Iranian Nuke Deal cost every American taxpayer $1765.  That’s more than double what they’ll be spending for Christmas gifts.

Hey, don’t worry about it all of the money has been borrowed.  So while you’re watching the gifts you’ve given being opened by your children you can explain to them that they can pay for those gifts, with interest, in the future.  It’s kind of like using someone else’s credit card to buy a gift for them. 

Oh, yeah, you’ll still be paying your credit card company interest, as well.  Be comforted, it’s all to fund a terrorist state.  Merry Christmas, Iran!

And, as always it’ll be a Merry Christmas for the bankers, if no one else.