ROMNEY WORDSWORTH- Microsoft is not happy with the rate of users upgrading from Windows 7 to its latest Windows 10.  Microsoft has a timetable it wants to keep, and has turned to Orwellian tactics to coerce hundreds of millions of customers to upgrade to the Windows 10 operating system.  Why is Microsoft in such a hurry?  Because Windows 10 has been designed to further the panopticon surveillance state being built by the NSA.  Windows 10 invades users’ privacy, vacuums up user data, and bombards users with add on pay services and ads. 

evil gates

Microsoft has turned to using what can only be described as deceptive malware that tricks users into making the upgrade to Windows 10, or outright hijacks the PC’s of private American consumers.  Microsoft’s first tactic was to bombard users with endless and continuous pop up screens, in an attempt to pester and harass users into submission.  But that did not produce the number of upgrades that Microsoft wanted.

So Microsoft then turned to using its Windows update feature to install straight up malware onto user’s computers.  It did this by changing the coding on the “X” that appears in Windows that you can click on to close a window or a message box.  Now, if you click on the “X” to close the pop up window that pesters you to upgrade to Windows 10, it is a trap door that now instructs Windows 7 OS to “upgrade” your computer to Windows 10.  Without your permission, and using deception.  That’s the very definition of Malware.

The reaction from the online tech community has strongly condemned Microsoft.  Does Bill Gates care?  Why would you think that a guy who runs all over the world giving poison laced vaccines to third world peoples would care?  If he’s willing to give little babies in Africa cancer, do you think he gives a damn about your privacy rights?

Bill Gates is a leading Field General for the New World Order.  He knows that nothing will happen to him, especially since the Federal government WANTS Microsoft to upgrade the OS architecture of hundreds of millions of PC’s to give the NSA back doors to snoop on and steal your private data.


At InfoWorld, Woody Leonhard wrote: “Microsoft has ratcheted up its Win10 upgrade efforts, going from an irritating advertising campaign to ‘reserve’ an upgrade (reserving free bits – what a marketing concept) to ‘accidentally’ forced upgrades to increasingly dicey signup notices (‘Upgrade Now/Upgrade Tonight’) to hidden folders with 3GB to 6GB of unwanted downloaded data to GWX processes that automatically restart themselves. Those are the more noticeable dirty tricks.”


Wayne Williams wrote at BetaNews, “Even if you like Windows 10, you should be angry at Microsoft.”  The “relentless pushing” from microsoft is “scummy behavior, totally unbefitting of a company of Microsoft’s size and reputation.”  Williams continued, “Microsoft wants to get Windows 10 on a billion devices, and it’s going to hit that target even if Satya Nadella has to smash his way into your home and install it on your PC while you sleep. Sure, your computer might not work afterwards, but who cares, right? Certainly not Microsoft.  Type ‘Windows 10 is’ into Google and the autocomplete suggests, among other things, the operating system is ‘bad’, ‘slow, ‘spyware’, and a ‘virus’. Bing pulls even fewer punches, saying Windows 10 is ‘rubbish’, ‘crap’, ‘awful’, ‘horrible’, and ‘slow’. Neither search engine suggests anything positive about Windows 10.  Microsoft says once the free period expires on July 29, the Get Windows 10 (GWX) app will be removed from Windows 7 and 8.1 machines which have survived the bombardment, but will that be the end of Microsoft’s dirty campaign tricks? Somehow I doubt it.”

I have already written previously about how Microsoft locked me out of all of my Word files contained on a starter version until I paid to buy the full software….approximately five years after I had happily been using the starter home version which came loaded on my laptop for free.  This is what Russian online gangsters do.  This is absolutely criminal behavior (the word is extortion) by Microsoft.  One can only hope that a Trump Justice Department will launch a criminal investigation of Bill Gates and his band of thieves.  Obama certainly won’t protect consumers.