MIND BLOWN! You'll NEVER Guess Who OWNS The Crane That KILLED 101 MUSLIMS on 9/11 Anniversary!

VIA| Not very long ago – I’m talking about a couple hours back – we told you about a giant crane that fell on Mecca’s Grand Mosque (killing 65) due to a lightning strike.

Now, it’s being reported that 100-plus worshippers have died, and another 180 have been injured.

What’s most interesting?

Today is the 14-year anniversary of the 9/11 radical Islamic attacks that forever changed our world, right?

Osama bin Laden, founder of al-Qaeda, was the face behind the devastation, yes?

…stay with me, because this is nuts…

The crane that has killed over 100 Muslims on the 14-year anny of 9/11 was owned by the bin Laden family!

From Daily Mail via WZ:

The crane belongs to a German crane company operated by the Bin Laden family’s consortium, who are heading the expansion of the Holy Mosque.

Saudi BinLaden Group was founded by Osama’s Bin Laden’s billionaire father Mohammed and the sprawling construction conglomerate runs a large amount of major building contracts in the Sunni kingdom.

Pictures taken before the disaster show the crane being struck by a bolt of lightning and authorities are in little doubt extreme weather was to blame.

The crane fell into the east side of the mosque, with the top section of the structure crashing into the roof.

Ironic? I don’t even know. Is that the right word to use?

Coincidental? Shrug.