Minority Report: New billboards will track your movements and phone data through 'consumer surveillance'

For those who ever saw the movie Minority Report you may remember the scenes with Tom Cruise’s character running through a mall area where the billboards would scan his and other people’s retinas and instantly switch their ads to accommodate the likes of the person walking past them.  And while this type of bio-metric scanning technology is not fully ready to achieve the ultimate in ‘consumer surveillance’, a different form is very much ready and is being implemented in real life by using your smart phone to trigger directed ads on electronic billboards.

Clear Channel Outdoor, which is a subsidiary of Clear Channel Media (originally funded by the Bush family and now owned in part by Mitt Romney’s management company) has partnered with AT&T to create a billboard that collects data from you using your Smartphone GPS, and will in the future sell this information to advertisers.

Clear Channel releases legally-dubious Big Brother billboards that intrude on privacy.

A troubling new revelation of domestic consumer intelligence gathering emerged Sunday, when privacy advocates revealed a new kind of billboard that uses surveillance triangulation.

Clear Channel Outdoor, which owns several hundred thousand billboards throughout the United States,

Clear Channel’s digital billboards will transmit a signal to the cellphones of pedestrians and drivers on public roads and sidewalks to capture consumer travel and behavior patterns. The aggregated data will include detailed consumer characteristics including the average age, gender, and socioeconomic profile of everybody within eyeshot of an enabled billboard. Clear Channel plans to sell the aggregated data to advertisers to enhance billboard targeting. – Sputnik News


Smart technology is the primary way that both companies and governments are attempting to make even your personal domains ‘public areas’ by monitoring and data mining what you watch, what you eat, what you do, and how much energy you use in your carbon footprint to build a file based on your tendencies, and to eventually use this information against you in different capacities.

There was a point in time when the people of a nation changed from being citizens to consumers in the eyes of corporations and governments, and simply a resource to be harvested for their benefit.  Whether it is in trying to coerce you to buy a certain product, or to direct you into voting for a specific candidate or political party, the use of surveillance is all about control and behavior modification, and now it is being done simply when you are minding your own business when driving on a road, or walking down the street.

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