Mitt Romney Exposes Himself In Public Third In A Series

ELDER PATRIOT – Mitt Romney should be arrested for exposing himself in public.  His speech yesterday trashing Donald Trump showed a willingness to engage in a level of back alley campaigning that many of us thought he lacked after having watched him serve up Barack Obama’s re-election without so much as a hint of criticism of his highly disliked Democratic adversary.

It wasn’t only the form he exhibited today but the substance of what he said that truly let us know just what a worthless scumbag he really is.  In 2012 Romney sought and gained an endorsement from Donald Trump:

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Today was a different story.  Why?  What happened in the past four years to change Mitt Romney’s opinion of Donald Trump?  Trump has been more successful since then.  Trump has moved to the right on many of his political views.  So what changed?

What changed is Donald Trump’s decision to stop being a dupe for the handpicked candidates of the Ruling Elite.  Trump actually looks and sounds like someone who will fight for the American people in a manner that the Republican establishment always promises to do but never delivers on.  What changed is Donald Trump’s decision to stop funding candidates like Mitt Romney who have no conscience about taking hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign donations from hard-working Americans and who then purposely roll over in order to elect a Democrat so as to advance a globalist agenda rather than fight for the people they swear they care about.  What changed is Donald Trump is actually taking the fight to the Elites and they’re afraid he means it.

Mitt Romney proved two things today.  First he has no loyalty.  He wasn’t the least bit apologetic in the tenor of his attack against Trump who had done so much for Mitt in 2012.  In fact his body language suggested he didn’t believe a thing he was saying.  Second, he showed a side of himself that we never knew existed – a willingness to attack that he never used against Obama leading us to now question why he rolled over for Barack Obama.

Here’s the answer as to why we’re only seeing this side of Mitt now.  Let’s start with the premise that both political parties only exist to deliver their followers to the sacrificial alter of the Global Elite.  This explains why so many people feel it doesn’t matter whom we vote for because the results are always the same.  Every four years the parties package the issues in a way that best appeals to their rank and file and an election is held that, intentionally, really doesn’t make much of a difference. 

No matter who becomes president we find ourselves deeper in debt, our borders remain uncontrolled, and American jobs continuing to be outsourced or eliminated entirely.  All of which threatens our sovereignty as a nation and moves us closer to a new world order of a single world government where international mega corporations and banks control all means of commerce. 

With this understanding it’s easy to conclude Romney tanked the 2012 presidential election so that Barack Obama could continue the work of the Globalists rather than get elected and tarnish what’s left of the Republican brand by continuing the elite’s work under Republican control.  The Republican Party of Mitt Romney and John McCain exists to assist in the work of the Democrats and, in the event of an electoral revolt, as a stop gap should the people decide against the Democrat’s nominee.

Yesterday Mitt Romney added to his legacy as a man only interested in protecting his place among the Elite.  In 2012 he rolled the election to Barack Obama. He removed any question of that being the case when he tried backstabbing a past friend and ally at the orders of his puppet masters.  Et tu, Mitt?