Mob Wars: Clintons v Obamas

ELDER PATRIOT – As the top capos vie to become the Don of the Democratic Party one boss is proving to be quite resilient.  Despite numerous scandals, any one of which would’ve brought down someone less powerful, Hillary Clinton continues to survive as the front-runner to become Don in 2016.  She is being aided by her “friends” in the media, and “members of her family” who owe her, or are kept in line because of her ability to destroy them personally and politically.

At today’s Democratic National Committee that is similar to the meeting of the five families, Mrs. Clinton flexed her considerable muscle and convinced those who sought her replacement as their successor Don to see the error of their ways.  In other words, she let them know that she would employ a scorched earth policy if they persisted in continuing with their plan to overthrow her.  That means spouses would discover what happens when party members are away in Washington or on junkets, constituents would be made aware of every sordid detail of how they were defrauded for someone else’s enrichment, as well as their outright lawless behavior being exposed for all to see. 

At least 20% of the DNC’s supper delegates got the message loud and clear.  Hillary is their candidate and with an initial commitment that significant she remains a formidable opponent to replace current kingpin Barack Obama.

Hillary plays hardball with the best of them.  That’s why we warned Barack Obama that his deliberate and continued exposure of Hillary’s illegal use of a private server was playing with fire when he sought to “entice” her to step aside.  Obama, however, miscalculated the Clinton’s venomous resolve.

Bill Clinton signaled Joe Biden days ago that his continued consideration of making a presidential run wasn’t appreciated.  That’s the way things are done in the worlds of the Cosa Nostra and Clinton high stakes politics.  Subtle hints usually suffice to dissuade those who step out of line to rethink their actions.  The fact that Joe Biden is too vain and too stupid to pick up on it may signal it’s time for him to swim with the fishes. 

The Clinton’s veiled, but heavy-handed response may be the reason Obama felt compelled to install Catherine Duval as the attorney in charge of handling the State Department’s email mess which Mrs. Clinton is at the center of. 

Ms. Duval previously worked at the IRS cleaning up Lois Lerner’s “lost” email mess saving Obama in the process.  Seems Hillary’s version of hardball has gotten President Obama’s attention leading him to call in his heavy hitter to make sure that everything and anything incriminating to him on those servers never sees the light of day.

Obama, of course, appears to have the goods on Hillary and the upper hand but he has to worry that there is a back-up server that he is not aware of.  The Clinton’s are the best at political poker so it’s better than even money that they are sitting on one.  This has the potential to blow up in all of their faces and remake the Democratic Party in the process.  Normally we would be afraid of the devil we don’t know, but in the case of this modern Democratic Party nothing could be as bad as the devil we do know so here’s hoping this unravels into a crime war for the ages.