More Good News For Donald Trump: It’s The Economy, Stupid

ELDER PATRIOT – While everybody is arguing over Donald Trump’s bold immigration plan that will help restore American jobs and ensure a greater level of safety for our families they aren’t even focused yet on the other major issue facing our country. Just ask Bill Clinton:

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Now, more than ever, you bet it is Bill!

The establishment politicians relied on the stock market to convince average Americans that the stock market was the most important indicator of a recovering economy.  They propped stock prices up with free money and cheap labor, even exporting jobs that could be filled more inexpensively in foreign markets.  They did anything to prop up large cap corporate profits in their effort to deceive the American people with artificially high profits that would result in inflated stock valuations.

Now we can all see that the chickens are now coming home to roost as year-end retail sales numbers are being reported:

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This should come as no surprise since the buying power of American consumers has diminished 14.25% under the Oligarchy of President Obama and his Republican congress since 2009.

As the reality of this is sinking in with the investor class, coupled with the Fed’s decision to start tightening credit in the smallest incremental manner, the stock market has lost 9% of its value over the past thirty days.


We’re yet to experience the job losses from the Oligarch’s trade treaties and consumers are still benefitting from the Saudi attempt to destroy our shale oil industry with unreasonably low oil prices.  When these factors kick in the stock market may well enter free fall.

This all inures to Donald Trump’s benefit.  Trump has spent his career successfully navigating the changing playing fields of the Oligarchs and has become a multi-billionaire in the process.  His commitment to putting Americans first gives the people their best chance for a return to personal prosperity.  The Ruling Elite’s candidates, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Marco Rubio, John Kasich, Chris Christie, and Jeb Bush were instrumental in creating this economy and will be find it very difficult to defend them selves against Trump when he exposes what they’ve done.

More and more it’s becoming apparent that the 2016 presidential election runs through Trump.