ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – On this edition of Moron Mondays, we go around the world to bring you videos of The Week in Stupid.

First up is this video of a bus driver of a double decker bus in Thailand, who drove up on to a train track, and inexplicably stopped in the middle, just as a train came barreling down the tracks:

I guess the intelligence bar for bus drivers must be pretty low in Thailand.  Or maybe this was a terrorist attempt to cause a train wreck.  Either way, it’s an EPIC FAIL.

That’s not to say that there aren’t bad drivers everywhere.  This next video is from the other side of the world, in Brazil.  And the man in this video isn’t even driving a motor vehicle, he’s driving a horse drawn cart.  But some things, like laziness and carelessness in trying to cut a corner, are universal:

If Hollywood were producing this video, the horse would have crashed into the gas pumps, causing a giant fireball explosion followed by some Michael Bey inspired lens flares, for no particular reason.  But real life is not nearly as flammable as Hollywood portrays it to be.

Next up is a perennial favorite from Spain:  Spaniards who enjoy taunting bulls as they run through the street.  It is almost as if the government of Spain came up with a scientifically designed way to get morons to volunteer themselves for an early death.  Works every time.

Notice how, even after seeing people get gored by this bull, hundreds of other dummies in the street continue to follow behind on the heels of this enraged bull as close as they can.  You can almost hear them saying:  “PICK ME!  PICK ME!  ME NEXT!”  If they spoke English, that is.

That was so much fun to watch, how about another one?  Also from Spain, this is the Spanish equivalent of Amateur Hour, or maybe Spain’s Got Talent.  The young man in the video is clearly a walk on performer from the crowd, wearing a tank top, shorts, and tennis shoes with no socks.  Brave, but incredibly stupid, he stands just beyond the reach of a bull adorned with flaming horns.  He thinks he can run up the bleacher seats next to him, but he has no idea out fast the bull is.  Or that bulls can climb stairs too.

The end is quite predictable, but give that man his Darwin Award anyway.  He earned it the old fashioned way.  He’s a moron.