ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It’s Monday, May 16, 2016, and you know what that means:  Another edition of Moron Mondays.  This week we will cover notable instances of stupidity (of a galactic scale) coming from the public education system.

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Our first story comes from King William, Virginia, where Pamela Franklin, a 25 year teaching veteran and exemplary product of the Teacher Certification System, got upset when an unknown 2nd grade student (8 years old) peed into a toy bucket during “indoor recess”.  In response, Ms. Franklin got the moronic (and sexist) notion to make all the boys in the class (and ONLY the boys) stick their heads in the bucket of urine “in order to identify the culprit”.   “She made every male student in there … stick their head in the bucket, smell the urine, and give their opinion from the smell of the urine which child urinated in the bucket,” stated Shawn Martin, the father of one of the boys, to the local news outlet.  Martin filed a formal complaint against Franklin for “unprofessional conduct”, but as of this writing Nurse Rachet…er…Pamela Franklin, remains in the classroom. 

A letter of non-apology was sent to parents after the incident became public, noting only that the “health risk is minimal”.  I’m going to just take an educated guess here that this incident was caused by Pamela Franklin being too “anal” about letting her students have permission to use the bathroom during class time.  The child ought to be commended for being thoughtful enough to use a bucket.  This same school district fired a cafeteria worker who gave a child who had no lunch a free sandwich.  So, it’s pretty clear the schools in King William, Virginia are run like prisons, with no compassion and no common sense.


Next up is the National Assessment of Educational Progress for 2015.  Also known as “The Nation’s Report Card”, it gives the American Public Education System a Big, Fat, “F”, reporting that “only 37% of American 12th-graders were academically prepared for college math and reading in 2015”.  This is down from 2013’s Report Card, which found that only “an estimated 39% in math and 38% in reading in 2013” were ready for college level work.

On behalf of the much derided American students, I can only point out that it is hard to learn math and reading when your head is in the bottom of a bucket of urine, the First Lady commands that you be given inedible food for lunch we wouldn’t even give to prisoners, you have to worry about perverts of the opposite sex molesting you while you’re trying to use the bathroom, and educators spend more time hitting on students than teaching them.


Last up, we have this kid, Connor Mullen.  Connor goes to South Portland High School.  As you can see from the photo, Connor started wearing a Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” baseball hat to school.  That takes a lot of courage these days where Leftist Brown Shirts bully and shout down conservatives.  No, I’m not talking about the kids Connor goes to school with, I’m referring to his TEACHERS!

Two supposed adults that work at South Portland High School made fun of Connor, including a teacher who told Connor:  “Thank God you can’t vote”.  I’m sure that teacher will be disciplined severely….for uttering the word “God” on school grounds.

Mullen also spoke about a discussion in one of his classes a few days earlier. When the topic of uninformed voters came up, an education “technician” took Mullen’s hat off his head and held it up, evoking laughter from his classmates.  The lesson was clear:  Dare to express conservative views in the public school system, and the teachers will single you out for ridicule and humiliation.

Said Connor to a local news outlet:  “I knew kids would pick on me about it, that’s just kids being kids, but when the adults started doing it I thought that’s problematic,” said Mullen, 16 and a sophomore. “This is a school that preaches equality.”

When Mullen filed a complaint with the school for how some of the adult employees had verbally abused him, the response was: “He might want to consider leaving it [the baseball cap] at home to avoid further problems.”

This is all in direct violation of the Supreme Court case of Tinker vs. Des Moines, which upheld the First Amendment Rights of students, noting that students do not shed their First Amendment Rights at the school house gate.  But, that was back in 1969 when left wing students were fighting for the right to wear black armbands to protest the Vietnam War.  Now that it is the Leftists running the schools themselves, the rule is totalitarian suppression of any speech they don’t agree with.

Well, Connor, you’ve learned a valuable lesson:  Morons run the public school system.