ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It is Monday, May 23, 2016 and time for another edition of Moron Mondays.  First up, as reported in The Sun newspaper in the U.K., a 20 year old man in Chile stripped naked and jumped into the lion enclosure at a local zoo.

lions (1)

A suicide note was found in the man’s clothes.  Tragically, the zoo euthanized the lion pair of one male and one female lioness in a frantic bid to try to rescue the man.  The zoo did not have the kind of instant tranquilizers that would have been necessary to avoid harming the lions.

In my book, those lions were rare and valuable.  Moronic humans who want to kill themselves in a final flourish of narcissistic “Look-At-ME-World” drama; not so much.

Next up is a short video of an Indian woman who walks out in front of a moving bus, and the equally inattentive bus driver who not only mows her down, but comes to a stop with his back tire resting on top of her mangled body.

Finally, no compilation of senseless death videos would be complete without including a moron going too fast on a motorcycle.  This accident apparently occurred in the U.K., based on the fact that the bike was travelling on the left side of the road.  This video is unique in that it shows the POV of the motorcycle rider, who was wearing a helmet cam.  The accident was FATAL, which is probably why my Dad always referred to motorcycle riders as “Organ Donors”.  To be fair to the rider, the accident was caused by a combination of the rider going too fast and a motorist taking a sudden left turn in front of the biker.