Most People Just See A Pile Of Rocks, But DO YOU SEE THE NAKED WOMAN HIDING? See Answer…

VIA| When Johannes Stötter set out to be an artist, he taught himself the tricks of the trade. After a lot of trial and error, Stötter eventually developed his own unique style of body paintingthat is both detailed and photo-realistic.

Since he emerged on the scene in the 2009 World Bodypainting Festival in Austria, Stötter has amazed audiences around the globe. But his fame erupted when created a frog out of five artfully arranged and painted human bodies.

But in this image below, Stötter camouflages his subject among a collection of stones. The most spectacular part of the piece is how realistic the painted rocks actually look. It’s like they’re stones like all the others.

Can you spot the model in the pile of stones?

Many people take a few moments to recognize the human shape in the pile. And if you don’t look closely, you’ll wonder where she is too.