VIA| There is some good news today in the global war on Islamic terror. One of the prime suspects in last November’s Paris attacks — making him the world’s most wanted man — has just been captured alive in Brussels.

Via The Daily Mail:

The world’s most wanted man, a prime suspect in the Paris terrorist attacks, has been wounded in a police raid in Brussels.

Salah Abdeslam was shot in the leg by police commandos and has been captured alive in the district of Molenbeek in the Belgian capital.

Belgian prosecutors said earlier today that his fingerprints were found at the scene of a separate police raid on a Brussels flat, which took place on Tuesday.

The 26-year-old, whose brother blew himself up during the slaughter in Paris in November, was said to be one of the suspects who went on the run after a shoot-out.   

But now reports have emerged that he has been wounded and captured in a fresh raid conducted by police this afternoon. 

It is understood grenades were used in the operation.

Gun shots and explosions were heard while white smoke was seen in the area as police moved in on Abdeslam, who had been on the run for 126 days. 

A Belgium police source confirmed that he had been ‘caught alive’. 

He was wounded, and then retreated into a house in Molenbeek with two men. At least one of the other men is wounded, and one may be dead, said the source. 

The prime minister of Belgium, Charles Michel, was seen rushing out of a European Council summit in Brussels as news of the raid broke.

EU leaders are meeting in the Belgian capital, just five miles away from where the anti-terror operation was taking place in Molenbeek. 

While it’s great news that this man was captured, it’s scary to think that that he’s been on the loose now for some four months, free to continue plotting more terror with his colleagues. For that reason, I (Michelle Jesse) would argue it’s an advantage that authorities captured him alive. While he deserves no mercy, he can be mined for information that can serve the continued war on Islamic terror.