MOTHER OF GOD!!: Jim Bean Leaks 800,000 Gallons Of Bourbon Into A Lake, Sh*t Gets Real When LIGHTNING STRIKES!

VIA|  In a series of events that seem almost entirely unbelievable, alcohol manufacturer Jim Beam is at the centre of an incredible story in Kentucky. After one of their warehouses was destroyed by a freak storm, 800,000 gallons on Bourbon managed to flow its way into a nearby lake.

What happened next was absolutely unreal. A bolt of lightening struck the lake, setting fire to the Bourbon. We’re not done yet though… a tornado then picked up the flaming liquid, forming a ‘firenado’ of almost biblical proportions. Looking like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie, the raging inferno set alight local woodland.

According to The Weather Channel, a firenado can grow up to 100 feet tall. Take a look for yourself and tell me it doesn’t look absolutely mental.

As a consequence of the Bourbon inferno, Jim Beam are facing damages of $70,000 for polluting the nearby creek which led to major fish kills. Bad PR for the company, especially as they’ve caused such devastation in the area. My prayers go out to the people of Kentucky, because nobody deserves to lose all their Bourbon because of a bit of bad weather.