VIAAn 18 year-old Palestinian Muslim decided he would take out Israeli cops with a pipe bomb. He unfortunately had a work related accident and blew himself up instead. Oops! The bomb was intended for Israeli border police officers. The Jerusalem Post confirms that the homemade explosives detonated in his own hands before he was able to launch it at his intended targets, mutilating his limbs and killing him after his intended victims transported him to a hospital. Even after all that the Israelis tried to save this scum. If you are evil and have murderous intent, then you better be ready to meet your maker and answer for your sins. This guy’s appointment with death came a bit early.


From Mad World News:

A young Muslim jihadist-in-training decided he would carry out a terrorist attack with a homemade pipe bomb on police officers just trying to do their job. However, when it came time to prove himself as a devout mujahideen, it appeared as though Allah had other plans in mind.

Islamic terrorist attacks are a daily occurrence for the people of Israel, which has been a target by ruthless Arab Muslim invaders for centuries. As the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel boasts a diverse employment of both Jewish Israelis and Muslims alike, offering citizens freedom from the apartheid and oppression that are inherent in Sharia law.

However, Islamic hatred for Israel and the Jews is so deeply ingrained in the Quran and Hadith that many Palestinians would rather see her obliterated rather than partake in her wealth, technology, and freedom. Such was the case with a young Palestinian male who thought he would be blessed by the god of Islam to attack “filthy Jews.”

The Jerusalem Post reports that an 18-year-old Palestinian Muslim identified by Arab media as Muhammad Halbiya ironically and gruesomely died from his own bomb, which he intended to use to slaughter Border Police stationed at a checkpoint in between Jerusalem and Abu Dis.

None of the officers were wounded in the explosion thank goodness. These murderers who hate ‘filthy Jews’ are the same dirt bags who receive food, water, shelter, benefits and aid from them. These attacks have been going on forever all because the Muslims there don’t want tiny little Israel to exist. They want to wipe her and her people off the face of the earth. Hate is endemic to Palestinians – they teach their children to hate Jews from the time they are very small. They take great pride and joy in killing Israelis. This time, justice was self-serving. I have no sympathy for the young man who blew himself up. I am just thankful that no police or citizens died because of it.