NAACP Joins Obama’s D.O.J. In Suing to Allow Illegals To Vote

ELDER PATRIOT – The NAACP has filed suit, with the support of Attorney General Loretta Lynch, to fight efforts aimed at preventing illegal voting.  Yeah, you heard that right.  And people wonder why individuals and corporations are leaving the country at record rates.

Federal law requires states to register voters in accordance with the National Voter Registration Act or, as it is more commonly known, Motor Voter.  At the crux of the matter is a requirement that a number of states have added, as permitted by the existing law, the presentation of satisfactory proof of citizenship in order to vote.

You can’t buy a pack of cigarettes or a six-pack of beer without an I.D.  You can’t cash your welfare check or use your food stamps without an I.D.  You can’t sign a lease or qualify for housing assistance without an I.D.  You can’t get into a bar without an I.D. 

Somehow requiring an I.D. to vote is racist, though.  May I be the first to say, if you can’t find a way to have a legitimate form of identification you should be deemed too stupid or too irresponsible to vote, or both.

What is the NAACP leadership saying about the people that they represent?  Is it their contention that after a K-12 state-funded education only people of certain colored skin cannot figure out how to get an I.D.?

The court should weigh the small number of potentially disenfranchised legal voters versus the probability of an overwhelming influx of illegal voters before rendering a decision if the court is disposed to guaranteeing the most accurate counting of the votes of actual citizens.

The true purpose of the lawsuit is, if successful, to be able to flood the polls with non-citizen voters in an effort to alter the election results of America’s citizens.