#NeverTrump Is Circular Reasoning

In their desperate effort to prevent Donald Trump from representing the Republican Party for the presidency of the United States the #NeverTrump movement has exposed itself as either devoid of the ability to think logically or as flat out liars.

As a strategy to deflate the hopes of the growing legion of Trump’s supporters they tell us Trump can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the general election.  Since so many of these same people have said they’d vote for Hillary if Trump were the Republican nominee, the question must be asked why are they preparing to spend $100’s of million dollars to stop him when they claim doing nothing will yield the same result?

Fact: They know that Trump’s message is resonating across party lines and that internal polls reveal Trump’s potential to trounce Ms. Clinton in the general election.  We only need to look back at the point when Trump first entered the race in late May of 2015.  He was dismissed then as unelectable but in less than two months he had taken a lead that he has only relinquished once.  That was to Dr. Ben Carson who has now endorsed Mr. Trump. 

Trump will do the same thing to Clinton once she becomes the focus of his attacks.  She is, after all, the most seriously flawed candidate in the history of American politics, we only need to refer back to the statements of the #NeverTrump crowd to know that.

The argument that they want their own “conservative” candidate falls flat.  There were well over a dozen candidates that they liked that Trump has already disposed of in fair and open votes.  We all want our own candidate, but the political reality is that at the end of the day we choose the candidate that comes closest to what we want. 

Trump has made it abundantly clear that he stands for control of our borders, balanced and fair international trade deals that we have control over, protection of American manufacturers, and an end to military interventionism without purpose. 

Hillary has promised to continue Obama’s open borders policy that is a staple of Democrat voter growth strategy.  Her vigorous support of the recent trade deals prove her willingness to vest decisions about trade in the hands of foreign entities instead of with America’s elected leaders. 

Her continued defense of NAFTA that has already come at the cost of millions of American manufacturing jobs has been well documented.  And, as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was the architect of our failed Middle East policy that has resulted in military interventionism without purpose and without end.

Then there’s the #NeverTrump crowd’s claim that Trump isn’t a conservative.  Perhaps not but that may be more a result of the way the term has been tortured and misused since Ronald Reagan left office than any true description of the man.  What is clear is that on these issues Trump has rallied a broader spectrum of Americans with the potential to expand the Republican base as no one since Ronald Reagan.  But then, these are the same kingmakers who opposed Reagan’s candidacy, as well.

So the conclusion we’re left with is #NeverTrump is willing to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to help elect Hillary Clinton to achieve an outcome that they claim is inevitable if Trump is the nominee even if they don’t spend that money.  Or they are lying about their desire to change anything in Washington, which would go a long way to explaining their support for such uninspiring losers as John McCain and Mitt Romney. 

It’s left to the reader to decide but it should be remembered that these are the same people who repeatedly told us the Era of Reagan was over.  Now we know why.  They wanted it dead.