ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – The despicable Oligarchs of the Republican Party are still scheming to steal the nomination away from Donald Trump, and the voters, even though Trump is running a competitive national race against Hillary Clinton, currently in a statistical dead heat with her in the polls and leading with men, independents, and making significant inroads with minority voters and Bernie Sanders supporters.  These #NeverTrumpers constitute a mix of Beltway Powerbrokers, Ted Cruz supporters, and the Donor Class who originally backed Jeb Bush to the tune of $100 million dollars.  They command a substantial number of delegates to the convention, even though Donald Trump has the nominal support of approximately 1542 delegates for the first nominating vote, 305 more than he needs.


So how will the #NeverTrumpers get around this seemingly insurmountable obstacle?  File lawsuits and try to cram through a rules change at the convention.  The first lawsuit has already been filed by Beau Correll, Ted Cruz’s campaign chairman in Virginia.  The lawsuit seeks to unbind Virginia’s pledged delegate slate to “vote their conscience” on the first round of the nominating vote.  The lawsuit is fatuous with a slim chance of success, unless a politically motivated Judiciary allows it to proceed.  Each delegate already had the chance to vote their conscience when they personally voted in their state’s primary.  It has been unchallenged for over a hundred years that delegates are supposed to vote for the candidate representing the choice of the primary voters in the first round.  But scraping this system for political reasons is by no means implausible given the politicized Federal Bench and the Supreme Court itself.  It’s not beyond imagination that the Oligarchy would and could “circle the wagons” to freeze out an outsider like Trump.  If this were to come to pass, it would be at the price of losing the legitimacy of the electoral process in the eyes of the voters.  This is the sort of thing that starts armed revolutions.

Similar lawsuits are purportedly primed and ready to go in Colorado, Wisconsin, and New Jersey if the Virginia lawsuit gains traction.

A similar approach is contemplated by the #NeverTrumpers at the Convention itself:  A rules change by the Convention’s Rules Committee to add (the #NeverTrumpers insist it is merely “affirming” an implied power that always existed) a “Conscience Clause” that can unbind delegates on the first ballot.  As with the Federal Lawsuits, if this were to come to pass, then what is the point of primary votes?  The whole process becomes a giant fraud and deception on the voters, the democratic process becomes a charade, and the notion of self-rule by We the People goes into the trash heap.

But this is precisely what is being pushed by Kendall Unruh, another Cruz supporter and delegate from Colorado.  Colorado, as you may recall, already nakedly removed from their state’s voters a voice in the primary selection process, suspending the primary vote in Colorado and handing all the delegates to Ted Cruz in a closed door, insider convention.

I can only hope that these rear guard actions by the Elite’s bitter clingers will fail.  The continued existence of democracy itself hangs in the balance.  It often goes unremarked that democracy can and HAS been lost in many Western countries already.  The member states of the European Union have a ceremonial Parliament with not political power.  They are ruled by unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels, much like how the old Soviet Union was run by an unelected and unaccountable Politburo.  The United Kingdom just voted to leave the EU in a bid to regain its sovereignty.  In response, the EU is now telling the remaining members that it intends to create an EU Army that will dissolve the militaries of the member states, for the express purpose of making it impossible, by the barrel of a gun, for any other states to exit the EU.  The headlines might as well have said that “Germany Declares War on Poland…Again”.  Instead, all of the mainline media outlets ignored this outrageous assault on democracy.

If the #NeverTrumpers get away with the same thing here, expect the mainline media outlets to cheerlead the outcome.