VIA| Any responsible American understands how a budget works. You can’t spend more than you take in. If you do, you have to spend less, or you’ll lose everything in the long run.

Somehow, the people we send to Washington D.C. — supposedly with superior intellects and our best interest in mind — haven’t learned that lesson. Every year we elect people who promise to balance our budget and release us from the constant threat of increasing debts, and nearly every year those very people go to Washington and spend more money, and put us deeper into debt.

All but one, it seems. One Republican legislator is finally trying to create real consequences for members of congress should they fail to balance the budget, and for once they, not the American people, will be the ones hurting should they fail.

One American congressman is trying to make sure that our government works under the same financial rules as everydayAmericans. If you don’t have the money, you can’t spend it, and if you don’t do your job, you aren’t getting paid.

Iowa Republican Rep. Rod Blum introduced legislation Friday that would decrease congressional members’ salaries annually until the national budget is balanced.

Lawmakers’ pay would be docked 5 percent the first year and an additional 10 percent each year after, according to the legislation. The Fiscal Responsibility Act of 2016 would restore compensation levels upon the closure of the deficit.

“As a career small businessman, I know firsthand the consequences when businesses mismanage resources. But unlike the private sector, Congress faces no penalties for failure,” Blum said in a statement. “Year after year we’ve seen the same thing: grand promises of future savings while our national debt continues to skyrocket. For the sake of our children and grandchildren who will be stuck paying off our $19 trillion debt, it’s time we make our politicians face the reality of our fiscal crisis by hitting them where it counts: their own pocketbook.”

This proposal reeks of so much common sense its almost destined to fail. Still, it’s good to see at least one American elected to congress is attempting to radically change our country for the better, and do what he was elected to do.