New Media Strategy: Scare The Shit Out Of Trump’s Supporters

ELDER PATRIOT – The Globalists’ media opposition to Donald Trump has decided to pursue a new tack against him.  We are now being told that we should fear a Trump presidency. 

Yesterday, BBC journalist Michael Goldfarb accused Trump of pursuing the politics of fear, paranoia and nativism.  This is entirely understandable coming from a Globalist mouthpiece but considerably less so in the eyes of a free man.  It is not paranoid to be afraid when tyranny is taking root all around you.  Perhaps the German people who twice in the past eighty years suffered by placing their trust in a government with global ambitions should be consulted for their thoughts on this. 

The charge of nativism is laughable.  Trump, after all, is running to be president of the Untied States not our country’s representative to a world government.  It is important to enter this debate understanding that one man’s nativism is another man’s willingness to defend the last best hope for freedom on this planet.


Today, it’s Glenn Beck who is calling Trump a “very dangerous man.”  Beck offered very little in the way of evidence to make his case.   

If these men had more than a passing knowledge of Donald Trump their statements might warrant some consideration but without intimate knowledge of how Trump operates or what’s in his heart they are no more qualified to make such assertions than the guy who works on my car and have relegated themselves to serving as media hacks for those who really should fear a Trump presidency.

Let’s take a moment to examine exactly who is afraid of what, and why.

The majority of Americans are afraid of a country that has lost its identity and moral compass caused in large part by virtually no constraints on immigration from third world nations. 

The majority of Americans are afraid of our national debt and how it threatens both our sovereignty and our personal liberties.

The majority of Americans are afraid of a government that has tilted the playing field so far in the direction of multi-national corporations and mega-banks that the American Dream is on life support.

Americans are not so blind so as not to recognize when their freedoms are being threatened.  Trump’s popularity is not with a lunatic fringe of the far right or the far left.  Rather his appeal is with members of both parties who share the common ideology of American self-interest.  The people know that this is being threatened and are exercising the saving grace of a democracy – the ability of the masses to understand when their ox is being gored and to vote accordingly.

Should the people prove to be wrong about Trump, Congress and the courts are properly equipped to check any overreach of power he may commit. 

Otherwise, failing proof of solid reasons to fear him the people deserve the right to cast their votes in the hope for a better future for themselves and their children.