New Poll: Fascism Growing Among Democrats

ELDER PATRIOT – A disturbing new poll released today by respected pollster Scott Rasmussen shows that 27% of people identifying as Democrats favor prosecuting scientists and others who argue against global warming.  This should scare every clear-thinking American.  The lack of historical perspective is astounding and their desire to silence dissenters is frightening.  In the case of global warming they cannot recognize the religious zealotry inherent in their desire to discourage further scientific investigation.

Over four hundred and seventy years ago the revolutionary astronomer Copernicus published “Six Books Concerning the Revolutions of the Heavenly Orbs” that represented a compendium of his life’s work and that made him the first modern European astronomer to propose that Earth and other planets revolve around the sun.  At the time, his theories were rejected by religious leaders who condemned his heliocentric view of the solar system as heresy.  Over three centuries later his theories were universally accepted and remain so today. 

The religious zealots of the time relied on their blind devotion to their belief system as the reason for rejecting a competing analytical approach.  At the time this represented little more than a debatable oddity since it had little economic impact on the people.  It does to serve, however, to illustrate just how people’s beliefs can warp their thought processes.

Today’s global warming progressive fanatics, like the religious zealots of Copernicus’ time, seek to silence dissent in defense of a science that is very much in question and in support of a protocol to address it that threatens to destroy what is left of the world’s flagging economy.

A favorite target for the attack of progressives is the fanaticism some Christians exhibit in their devotion to their religion.  Though this presents no clear or direct danger to progressives they object to any public acknowledgement of Judeo-Christian beliefs in the public square.  In fact, today’s progressives go out of their way to provoke and antagonize Judeo-Christian believers so that the media can slap them down if and when they respond.  They do not see this as being oppressive but rather only as a way of cleansing certain beliefs from the public dialogue.  This is fanaticism that matches that of any religious movement in our world’s history.

Fanaticism is marked by an unquestioned zealotry in defense of, or to propagate, any belief system.  This is exactly what this group of 27% of fascist Democrats are themselves advocating – a devotion to the religion of big government and the global warming propaganda with which it seeks to move its agenda.  Anyone who questions it must be silenced.

When it comes to their belief in global warming their fervor is so great that they demand the immediate dismissal of all scientific, political and economic arguments and accept that the science is settled.  These fascists are as regressive as the clerics of Copernicus’ time and, because of the economic impact of what they’re advocating, a lot more dangerous.