VIA| After the rainbow dye jobs and sparkly beauty of glitter hair, it seems a new trend is sweeping over the locks of women who are looking to create an eye-catching look.

Thanks to Instagrammers like rainbowmegz, the glow-in-the-dark hairstyles are lighting up social media and solons everywhere, in what could be the most stunning and differentiating hair style out there.

Granted, glow-in-the-dark hair dye has been around for a while now, but it is thanks to trendsetters like Megan McKay that this bold look has soared in popularity over the past month, as more women are taking the plunge and dressing their tresses in the luminous dye.


However, the catch with this look is that the hair will only glow under UV light, and after it has been exposed to natural light, and the longer you expose your locks to the natural light, the brighter it will shine.

Some of the most striking looks are achieved by using three or four different hues of neon at one time, with the hair being styled into a messy bun or plait. The overall result is almost alien. But, like hot alien, like that chick from Avatar.

The hair dye brand, Manic Panic, is believed to be another factor responsible for the recent surge in popularity. Despite making glow-in-the-dark colours for over 30 years, they have reported a sudden boost in sales of their range.


And perhaps one of the reasons why is the fact that their products are vegan and free from animal testing. Their particular range comes in Cotton Candy Pink to Pretty Flamingo, Siren’s Song and Electric Banana, and normally remains in the hair between three to six weeks.

Other products you can use to achieve this look are Colour Xtreme Hair Art Spray and Special Effects (SFX) hair dyes, but it seems the Manic Panic Semi Permanent Hair Dye are the beauty bloggers’ brand of choice.


Or, if you don’t trust yourself with hair dyes, you can seek professional assistance, as some salon in the UK have started offering the treatment.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Karen Brown from Hair by JFK, said that three to four colours should be used for maximum impact. She also gave in depth advice on home applications;

“This look can easily be acheived at home by using Manic Panic UV reactive dyes.

To use this at home, do a strand test first, taking a small portion of hair from behind the ear and monitoring the progression of colour.  This will give a good outline of what colour your hair will turn and can avoid disappointment if you are trying to dye a darker hair colour.

Always wear gloves when applying temporary hair dye, comb your hair thoroughly beforehand and don’t get any mixture in your eyes. Apply mixture evenly and thoroughly to your hair and leave in for around 30 minutes, at room temperature. Gentle dyes such as Manic Panic can be left in for hours to result in a more intense colour without any damage to the hair.”


Innovative fashion game-changer? Or just a passing trend? We’ll just have to wait and see. But speaking as a guy, this would certainly catch my eye on a night out, and I think the overall look is stunning.