NFL Seeks To Influence Georgia Legislature Against Christianity

ELDER PATRIOT – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is an Obama sycophant who either can’t tell the difference when he has stepped on the rights of one group to advance the “rights” of another group, or he doesn’t care.

The latest example of this came last week when he warned Atlanta Falcons team owner Arthur Blank that if the elected leaders in Georgia pass pending legislation that allows the denial of service based on religious beliefs the NFL may disqualify the Falcons’ bid to host upcoming Super Bowls.

League spokesman Brian McCarthy tried explaining:

“NFL policies emphasize tolerance and inclusiveness, and prohibit discrimination based on age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other improper standard.  Whether the laws and regulations of a state and local community are consistent with these policies would be one of many factors NFL owners may use to evaluate potential Super Bowl host sites.”

The law doesn’t require a denial of tolerance and inclusiveness.  That would make it unconstitutional.  The law permits it in instances where a violation of a person’s religious beliefs can be proven.  This is consistent with guaranteeing the First Amendment rights of one party while still allowing the other party access to the services it wants from competing vendors.

Goodell is either seeking to influence the Georgia legislature from providing any provisions to allow for religious tolerance during their deliberations on this carefully crafted bill, or he is just too stupid to understand the nuanced line that Georgia’s elected leaders are trying to walk in order to accommodate all parties when such situations arise.

Proving that he’s only driven by the potential of the financial windfall that comes with hosting a Super Bowl, Blank rolled over like a trained dog when he released this statement:

“I strongly believe a diverse, inclusive and welcoming Georgia is critical to our citizens and the millions of visitors coming to enjoy all that our great state has to offer.  House Bill 757 undermines these principles and would have long-lasting negative impact on our state and the people of Georgia.”

It’s time for Christians to make their voices heard and to stop allowing their constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to be stripped from them by individuals and corporations that are driven only by the growth of their bottom line.  Those same individuals and corporations have brought us to a precipice that threatens every aspect of American life as was intended by the Framers.

If, Roger Goodell is afraid of the image that “protests” by society’s malcontents similar to those at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago that forced the cancellation of Donald Trump’s rally last week, Christians should force him to consider the prospect of how much larger their constituency is.  They could accomplish this by boycotting their team’s home opener in protest this year.  Let the owners of the league see just how much of an economic impact the loss of Christian business represents.

Goodell is betting that the “Church of the NFL” is stronger than the churches of Christianity.  Why shouldn’t he think this way?  Sundays used to be the day people dressed in their finest clothing and attended church with their families.  Today in America, Sunday is the day people eschew church to watch their favorite NFL team while dressed in that team’s official garb usually while leaving their families behind.

It’s important that the Georgia legislature crafts a proper bill that protects everyone’s rights and that the governor signs it into law without caving to corporate interests.  It’s past time for Americans to be accommodated ahead of the interests of global corporations that are motivated only by their greed.