No One Left To Trust

ELDER PATRIOT – There is so much wrong in our relationship with those we’ve elected to represent our interests that there just might not be anyone left to trust in either party.

The on-going investigation into the targeting of conservative donors by the IRS is but one example.  The investigation is now five years old.  The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee under the direction of Jason Chaffetz still has not brought charges. 

At the heart of this investigation is Lois Lerner who was appointed Director Exempt Organizations at the IRS while George Bush was still president. 

After Barack Obama became president, Nikole Flax, the former chief of staff to then IRS Commissioner Steven Miller, visited the White House 35 times.  During this time period Ms. Flax was also in constant contact with Ms. Lerner.  We know they were working in concert with high-ranking aides to the president to criminally prosecute conservative tea party groups and conservative donors with the intent of silencing their political voices.

The House committee conducting the investigation subpoenaed Ms. Lerner but she refused to testify instead invoking her Fifth Amendment protections against self-incrimination and then resigning her position.  When Ms. Lerner’s email were subpoenaed current IRS Director John Koskinen destroyed the available documents he found and made no effort to find the rest of them.

Under questioning Mr. Koskinen complained about the high cost and the amount of time required to locate the subpoenaed emails even while he was destroying them.  In all, at least 24,000 emails and the 422 tapes they were backed up on were destroyed under Koskinen’s orders.  Mr. Koskinen’s words serve as a slap in the face to all Americans who annually spend tens of billions of dollars and over 3 billion hours in their attempts to comply with the over 70,000 pages of IRS regulations he oversees.  And, accidently missing documents and emails are no excuse for Mr. Koskinen’s jack-booted auditors and criminal investigators.

Oh, and where have we heard this before?  Ms. Lerner also conducted official IRS business on her private e-mail account.  It’s clear she knew this was illegal because her response when told those emails wouldn’t be archived was, “perfect.”

For his part Mr. Chaffetz appears to be taking his sweet time bringing charges.  Judicial Watch, a private watchdog organization is responsible for much of what we do know through their FOIA requests to the federal courts.  It’s doubtful the committee would be moving on this investigation at all if not for the efforts of Judicial Watch.  If Mr. Chaffetz is purposely timing any indictments or impeachment proceedings that might be forthcoming, for political reasons, he must be held accountable.  But, by whom a disinterested media that is owned by the same entities that own the establishment politicians? 

If you ever tried using the excuses and destructive tactics that government officials routinely invoke during an investigation by them into your actions or filings you would face imprisonment.  That elected and appointed officials routinely get to resign for their illegal activities, if they’re punished at all, tells us it’s past time for a complete housecleaning of both political parties.

The more you understand the reasons politicians choose this line of work the more you’ll understand their need for 70,000 pages of regulations.  Clearly, the same amount of money could be confiscated from the people using a much simpler, fairer and less expensive to monitor system.  Perhaps a national sales tax is the answer.  Of course, that will never replace the existing system that is in place solely to reward political donors and constituencies that our politicians are beholden to.

The disdain that both parties have displayed to the citizens they have sworn to protect is as plain as the nose on your face.  They have abused the trust vested in them by joining together to defraud the people of trillions of dollars. 

History tells us that without a wholesale housecleaning of both parties for the 2016 elections any non-establishment candidates who get elected will soon be co-opted or marginalized and business will go on as usual.  For the sake of your future and your children’s futures please use your party’s primary process to replace every incumbent seeking a place on the November ballot.