Norway: Window Into Future Progressive Doublespeak

ELDER PATRIOT – Norway has begun holding classes for Muslim immigrants designed to prevent violence against women, specifically rape. 


Uh, yeah that’ll work.  But Norway is working a two-track approach that will allow them to claim the program is a success as long as the mainstream media continues hiding the truth about Norway’s other program that has already proven successful, deportation.

Norway has undertaken a program of deporting known radical Muslims before they actually commit a crime.  The exact numbers have been obscured by the mainstream media but reports indicate that between 2000 and 7100 deportations have taken place resulting in an astounding drop in crime of anywhere from 30-72%!


Until light has been shed on the success of Norway’s deportation program politicians and the media will be free to tell us Islamic crime is only the result of a lack of understanding and some cultural differences that can be easily overcome through education.

The facts tell a different story.  There are slightly more than 115,000 Muslim immigrants now living in Norway. And, the experience there reveals that one in every 17 Muslim immigrants were known to be radicalized enough to merit deportation.

The disproportionate criminal activity of Muslims is not limited to Norway.  In the United States, the percentage of Muslims inside U.S. prisons is more than 11 times their percentage of the overall population.

Now the United States government is preparing for an additional 300,000 “refugees” from Jihadist regions of the Middle East next year alone.   Translation: Between 17-18,000 additional federal prisoners with even more on the state, county and local levels. 

Those numbers only reflect the anticipated growth in our prison populations due to those Muslims who actually get caught, prosecuted, found guilty and then sentenced.  We know that is the conservative estimate for the crimes that they will commit.  Most offenders are never caught and most rapes are never reported.

On average the people of the state that you live in will be subject to an additional 1000 federal crimes by people who didn’t have to be here and who most Americans don’t want here.

Unless you are armed with the facts you will be told that education is the key to unlocking the goodness hidden in their Islamic souls.  Don’t believe it.