NYC Taxpayers Funding Muslim Extremism

ELDER PATRIOT – Under the direction of hard left Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York City taxpayers are being forced to fund the Arab American Association of New York.  The organization’s executive director is a woman named Linda Sarsour.

Ms. Sarsour first came into the public consciousness in August when the New York Times published a glowing piece on her describing her in their headline as: “Linda Sarsour is a Brooklyn Homegirl in a Hajib.”  The Times glowing depiction of Ms. Sarsour was only the first indication that Ms. Sarsour deserved further scrutiny.

President Obama cited Sarsour as one of his “Champions of Change.”  That was the second tip-off.  We’ve become acutely aware that when President Obama discusses change it never ends well for working class Americans whose faith has Judeo-Christian foundations.

Once on the radar Ms. Sarsour made no attempt to disguise her hatred of Jews and Christians. 

When Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz tweeted, “America is and remains a nation built on Judeo-Christian values,” Ms. Sansour responded by tweeting, “genocide and slavery?”  She is well aware that genocide and slavery only occurs in the homeland of her Muslim origin and not in the United States but that doesn’t fit the narrative she wishes to create and foster.

Ms. Sarsour is one of a growing number of immigrants and activists who seek to silence their opponents while themselves employing their First Amendment protections as they seek to advance their agendas bent on destroying America’s foundational principles.

She recently tweeted a picture of a very young Palestinian boy with rocks in both hands staring down Israeli soldiers with her added words, “The definition of courage.”  When NYC councilman Rory Lancman tweeted back, “No the definition of barbarism,” it touched off a social media war between the two that exposed both her Anti-American hatred and lack of substance:

Sarsour: “city elected official attacking a constituent on foreign policy issue when they weren’t asked. Welcome to NYC Council.”

Lancman: “You must be especially proud of the 13-yr-old Palestinian who stabbed the 13-yr-old Israeli.”

Sarsour: “don’t put words in my mouth. Shame on you. Using my tax payer $$ to attack people online. Go do your job.”  Followed by, “The Zionist trolls are out to play. Bring it. You will never silence me.”

No.  Shame on you, Ms. Sarsour, for using taxpayer dollars to spew your hatred and lies.  No one has sought to silence your hateful rhetoric in this country though it is interesting to consider what the response would be in a Muslin country.  You would be stoned to death or beheaded for such insolence.  Ms. Sansour’s very existence as the executive director of any organization in this country by itself refutes her radical claims.

The website of Ms. Sarsour’s organization claims, among other things, that:

“As a leading MACLC member, AAANY played a critical role passing the Community Safety Act, ushering an Inspector General to oversee the NYPD and an enforceable ban on profiling. As our legislative strategy enter its next phase. AAANY will be active in the process of implementing the Inspector General Bill of the CSA in 2014, when the new law goes into effect.”

As a tax exempt organization the Arab American Association of New York is violating the law by participating in partisan political activities.  This is not a singular occurrence.  It is happening throughout our country as federal, state, and local taxing authorities are choosing to use your money to support groups bent on undermining our culture, our Founding Principles, and our religious underpinnings.  All told, estimates are in the hundreds of billions of dollars.  This as we are plunged deeper and deeper into debt and mainstream Americans come under more and more scrutiny when they express their dissatisfaction with what’s going on.

It’s well past time for Americans to wake up and hold their politicians accountable for funding the enemy.