ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – For several years now, American college graduates have suffered a 50% unemployment rate, unable to find careers in their college majors.  Apparently, that level is misery isn’t good enough for Obama.  King Barack Hussein hates Americans much, much more than that.  So, he has now approved a new amnesty plan drafted by his deputies to allow American companies to quickly and cheaply obtain work permits for millions of foreign college graduates to come here and take jobs away from American college grads.

When it is signed into law by Obama, roughly 3 million professional degree holding foreign workers will flood in, at an upfront cost to employers of only $580 per hire.  Each year roughly 800,000 American born college graduates with skilled degrees in medicine, business, science, engineering, and computers cannot find jobs in America in their chosen fields.  The H-1B visa program is already rife with abuse, with large employers swimming in record profits, like Disney, firing their entire I.T. departments in favor of foreigners with H-1B visas replacing them at two thirds the salary.  While it is a marginal cost savings for companies like Disney, it is tantamount to the death of the Middle Class for the Americans being thrown out on the street by Corporate America.

In 2013, Obama unsuccessfully tried to import 11 million foreign workers into America.  But he did manage to quietly let in (through executive non-enforcement of immigration laws) approximately 2 million such workers.  This was at the same time that 4.4 million American college graduates began looking for jobs, half of them unsuccessfully.

The results have been nothing short than generational carnage:  Millennials can’t find decent full time jobs, and are stuck living at home with their parents in record numbers.  This in turn has impacted the real estate market negatively, with home ownership at record lows as an entire generation is failing to achieve the income necessary to buy houses or even form new families.  This in turn leads to lower fertility rates as America’s middle class young adults have to put off marriage and having children themselves longer and longer.

In response, the Elites that have created this mess add insult to injury by telling us that Mexicans and other foreigners are better than Americans:  They work harder and have higher rates of fertility.  They’ll do the jobs Americans don’t want to and have large families that will save the Social Security Ponzi Scheme by adding more workers to prop up the system.  Never mind that it is these same Elites who are creating this nightmare to begin with.

But as bad as the damage that Obama has wrought on America’s middle class thus far, it is going to get much, much worse.  The Trans Pacific Partnership secret treaty is set to transfer American sovereignty to shadowing international tribunals that will be empowered to rewrite American laws, and subvert our Constitutional laws.  Not only will it offshore what is left of American employment, but it will suborn things like our Second Amendment to international regulatory schemes that will outlaw gun ownership.

All according to plan, by the New World Order, to destroy freedom, prosperity, and American heritage, and replace it with global neo-Feudalism.