Obama Attempts to Save Christmas and His Presidency Tonight

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., speaks at a town hall meeting at the Radnor Middle School in Wayne, Pa., Saturday, June 14, 2008. (AP Photo/ Joseph Kaczmarek)

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama will address the nation in a primetime speech tonight to continue spinning his rhetoric about how his policies are working and we just need to trust him a little longer.

In a Yahoo News report that was written from the official White House press release (as is all Yahoo “news”) that will urge Americans not to give into fear.

These sentiments were amplified in the echo chamber of the mainstream media by his Attorney General Loretta Lynch during an appearance on “Meet the Press,” when she said:

“The president understands the country is very concerned about this issue, and I think what you’ll hear from him is a discussion about what the government is doing to ensure our highest priority.  You may hear him call on Congress to review measures and take action as well, but I think what you’ll hear the president say is to call on the American people to not give into fear.”

The president is reacting to overwhelming disgust from members of both parties and, with his support eroding faster than a sugar cube in hot water, he will turn to a “charm” offensive to try to at least shore up what‘s left of his support among Democrats.  Expect the president to be long on platitudes- “I will not let us become them, do not give in to fear, we are a nation of immigrants, it’s time for meaningful gun legislation” – and little else.

Do not expect assurances from the president about protecting our Judeo-Christian heritage and do not expect him to close his speech with “Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah” or “God Bless America.” And forget any mention of how he plans on containing such existential threats as drones carrying chemical and biological agents.  His speech will be about dropping bombs in distant lands and avoid discussion of those already here.

He goal is to trying to saving Christmas sales in what was already shaping up as a disappointing retail sales season.  Retail sales have been soft this year as it is and without a huge holiday selling season the retail sector might lead the faltering economy over the cliff.  Obama must find a way to reassure Americans that they will be safe at malls, restaurants, train stations, sporting venues and everywhere that they congregate this season.  Much of Obama’s support comes from the liberals who work in and own retail businesses. 

Unless the president forcefully acknowledges that we are at war against Radical Islam and vows to immediately close the southern border with Mexico, put an end to his reckless plan to import Middle Eastern refugees and abandon his attack on private gun ownership he will be blowing smoke up our collective ass. 

Prepare yourself to be disappointed.  Obama has made it clear that Christian Constitutionalists are his primary enemies.