VIA| One of the many objections to President Obama’s ridiculous nuclear deal with Iran the suspicion that U.S. taxpayer money would be part of the more than $100 billion in frozen assets released to the Muslim rogue nation.

Though the Obama administration claimed numerous times that the money going to Iran was essentially Iran’s money in the first place that had been frozen due to sanctions, a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon has proven this was not the case at all.

According to Conservative Tribune, the letter was a response to an inquiry in January by Kansas Republican Rep. Mike Pompeo, which revealed that the administration had handed over valuable artwork and historical artifacts, along with nearly $2 million in taxpayer money, before the 2015 deal was finished and signed. It also revealed that the Obama administration has engaged in secret backroom deal-making talks with Iranians apart from nuclear discussions during 2014 and 2015. Various legal claims were discussed and settled during this time at the expense of taxpayers.

Pompeo’s query to the state was about the $1.7 billion given to Iran, which many saw as a ransom being paid to secure the release of the hostages the Iranian regime had been holding.

“After nearly two months of stalling, the State Department confirmed what I feared was true: the Obama administration is negotiating behind closed doors with the Islamic Republic of Iran and using taxpayer dollars to pay the regime,” Pompeo said in a statement about the letter. “Worse yet, more of these payments are likely coming.”

“Secretary Kerry still refuses to answer whether the $1.7 billion U.S. payment to Iran was related to the release of American hostages held by Iran,” Pompeo continued. “While we celebrate the return of these hostages, this administration could be setting a dangerous precedent, as innocent Americans continue to be held in Iran.”

“I will not stop until we have all of the answers and will do all in my power to stop the Obama administration’s dangerous Iran policy,” he added.

If Pompeo moves forward with this, he may be able to get Obama imprisoned on treason charges. SHARE this story if you think Obama belongs in JAIL!