Obama: Exploiting the Racial Divide to Advance Marxism

ELDER PATRIOT – President Obama is a Marxist.  Whether he is a racist or not is secondary to his desire to institute socialist policy in the United States.  It’s now obvious that he long ago decided that he could use race to advance his Marxist Agenda.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Barack Obama has been quick to insert himself into every incident of conflict that arose between a white person and a black person and where the white person could be blamed…somehow. 

It began with the incident in Cambridge, Mass., where a white police officer was admonished by the president for stopping a break-in at the home of a black man.  It turned out that the man was breaking into his own home because he had misplaced his key.  If the homeowner hadn’t been such a hate-filled, race conscious ideologue he could’ve avoided the whole situation by offering to properly identify him self to the police officer before the situation required his arrest. 

President Obama took the opportunity to lecture the police officer (and, by extension all white people) who had performed his job according to proper protocol rather than the over-reactive black man.  Looking back now this was the first glimpse of the president’s intent to use race to divide us.  The takeaway, if you’re white you’re at fault.

When a Ferguson police officer was left with no other options than to use deadly force on a much larger man who was threatening the officer’s life, the president allowed, perhaps orchestrated, civil unrest rather than calm the situation. 

In any honest discussion of how riots start it must first be known that professionals are brought in to instigate their onset.  As a community organizer the president surely has ties to the “street professionals” who ignited the inferno that engulfed Ferguson.  This means he could’ve prevented it.  He chose not to.  The same in Baltimore where millions of dollars in property damage was permitted to take place without police intervention. The takeaway, the picture indelibly etched in the minds of Americans of Black exasperation.

Now there’s the threat that leaders of Black Lives Matter made to start killing white people and police officers.  The president’s silence is deafening.  Contrast this to the president’s head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano who labeled returning war veterans as potential terrorist threats without any supporting reasons other than that they overwhelmingly reject the president’s political positions.  The takeaway, Black lives matter…more.

The president was hopeful that these actions would lead to Whites violating rule number 10 of Rules for Radicals: If you push a negative hard enough, it will push through and become a positive.” Violence from the other side can win the public to your side because the public sympathizes with the underdog. No matter how the president and the media chided America’s right wing they refused to take the bait.  The president remained undeterred.

He consistently instituted programs designed to keep Blacks from achieving even a modicum of financial equality.  In 2009 when Barack Obama took office the poverty rate for Blacks was 25.8%.  By Obama’s sixth year in office it had climbed to 27.2%.  Worse, the poverty rate for black children had ballooned to 38.3%.  By any measure, a culture that allows 40% more of its children to live in poverty than the larger population of that ethnic group is in need of moral guidance.  That Obama chose a one-sided discourse about white blame rather than also addressing the culture of a community deeply in need of counseling in personal responsibility further illustrates the president’s commitment to divisive politics.

A president concerned with helping the Black community, especially Black children, would have turned his attention to fixing this problem instead his policies have made their conditions worse.  Why?  The answer is to create a crisis that Blacks, Hispanics and white liberals would identify with.  In the words of his former Chief-of-Staff Rahm Emanuel:  “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.” 

Obama was willing to create the crisis if that is what it took in order to implement “Rules for Radicals” rule 11: “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”

But what is the president hoping to accomplish?  To understand Obama’s reasons we now turn to the latest and the most transformative initiative of his presidency that he will bring forth as the answer to the growing inequalities his policies have fostered. 

President Obama’s minions are nearing completion of an incredibly complex and intense system of databases that will be of such massive proportions that they will maintain every minute personal detail about you and every other American.  Every Federal agency will be subject to the findings of these databases.  His plan is to use this information to justify legislation and executive orders intended to achieve the president’s desired Utopian outcome where every (emphasis on every) zip code has the precise demographic breakdown as every other zip code according to race, housing, academic performance, earnings, credit and lending, and every other measurement his Marxist mind feels is important. 

If Obama achieves his final goal it will be because the useful idiots were more intent on their elected leaders addressing a wholly manufactured race inequity rather than protecting the freedoms that so many who had come before had sacrificed so much to preserve.