Obama Institutes Plan to Silence Dissent on the Internet

ELDER PATRIOT – FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, a Republican appointee, continues to warn us about the Obama administration’s plans to control Internet content.  Speaking before the Right Online Conference Pai told us how, like so many bills and regulations whose names belie their true intent, the Net Neutrality regulations that the Democrat appointed majority on the FCC pushed through earlier this year would eventually be corrupted to give government control of what we get to read on websites such as this one.

“The difficulty with the FCC’s regulations isn’t just their breadth, they’re also vague.  Instead of providing any specific guidance, the FCC would be like a football referee that would throw the flag if it saw behavior that it didn’t like.  That answer, I would submit, is the very definition of regulatory uncertainty,” Pai said.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, giving us the usual doublespeak we’ve come to expect from Obama appointees claimed their new regulations are “no more regulating the Internet than the First Amendment regulates free speech in our country.”

Pai’s response hits the nail on the head:

“Now, I give him credit for trying to couch the FCC’s decision as being consistent with our nation’s founding principles, but it shows a very different take on our Constitution.  The First Amendment is one of our most cherished principles because it operates as a restraint on government. It lets ideas compete in the marketplace free from any government intervention or regulation.

It quite clearly has nothing in common with the FCC’s decision to subject the Internet to extensive government control.

It is conceivable to me to see the government saying, ‘we think the Drudge Report is having a disproportionate effect on our political discourse.  He doesn’t have to file anything with the FEC. The FCC doesn’t have the ability to regulate anything he says, and we want to start tamping down on websites like that.”

As this president has consistently marginalized Conservatives and sought to ostracize them as extremists and potential terrorists, Pai’s words of warning about government’s desire to control the content we see should scare every American who cherishes their rights to speak freely and have access to read all political viewpoints.