Obama, McConnell & Boehner Turn US Over To Corporate World Government

After much arm-twisting by President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House John Boehner, the Senate voted to fast-track approval President Obama’s negotiating authority providing further proof that we are being ruled by a one-party under the direction of International Mega-Corporations.


There are certain immutable truths that have accompanied every trade treaty:


  • International Mega-Corporations become bigger and more powerful, politically.
  • American jobs get outsourced.
  • The world’s Mega-Banks become richer.
  • America’s trade balance suffers.
  • Our manufacturing base suffers compromising our national defense.
  • Main Street entrepreneurial businesses suffer causing the most significant loss of jobs.


All four of these factors come at a cost to American workers and taxpayers.


What makes the vote most despicable is that only a handful of Senators have even seen what the proposed bill looks like and, of those, it’s doubtful they’ve read any significant part of the bill.


We’re supposed to believe that the two major factions to the passage of this bill – President Obama and the Republican Party – agreed that the president should have unilateral negotiating rights to anything?  Republicans have spent the past 6 years running against everything the president has proposed as though the president is the most dangerous Marxist alive who also hates this country.  Hey boys, you can’t have it both ways.


Mitch McConnell and John Boehner have proven to be no more than piss-boys for the banksters and the corporate elite.  They have postured against President Obama at every opportunity but have given him everything he has asked for, in the process indebting the American people beyond any ability for repayment.


After 6 years of Obama, and 4 more of McConnell and Boehner here’s where the American people stand:


  • Our real estate equities have recovered to the values they reached in the early 2000’s, and are now on the verge of another collapse.
  • American workers are at their lowest level of employment in history with many of those that are working now performing jobs that they’re over trained for.  Every the administration has called it a jobless recovery.
  • College graduates are living with their parents because they cannot find work.
  • Our national debt has doubled further enriching the Federal Reserve, a private bank.


But we’re supposed to believe the economy is in recovery because the stock market is at, or near record levels and the new calculus for determining the unemployment rate estimates it at 5.5%


Hey America, wake up!  For the most part, the stock market is nothing more than a report card on the health of international corporations.  As for unemployment and underemployment, it’s closer to 20%.


What more evidence would anyone need to conclude that over the last six years our government has handed much of the American people’s remaining wealth to the Mega-Banks and the International Mega-Corporations?