ROMNEY WORDSWORTH – It sounds fantastic, but this is precisely what will happen if the Obama EPA gets its way.

What does the Environmental Protection Agency want to do?  It wants to mandate a new nationwide fuel blend that increases the amount of ethanol from 10% to 15% by volume.  The blend is known as E15.


Why is this bad for your engine?  Ethanol is fuel derived from corn.  It is pushed by Big Agro, and Big Agro has Congress doing its bidding.  Why compete in the global market to sell your corn as cattle feed or food for human beings when you can get the Federal Government to force oil companies to buy your corn product in the form of ethanol to add to their product?

Ethanol is bad for your car and bad for your engine.  Ethanol has less energy density that gasoline made from oil.  You have to burn more of it to go the same amount of miles.  So, it’s bad for your gas mileage.  But what is far worse, is that ethanol causes moisture to accumulate inside of engines, which makes them rust out faster.

Both the American Petroleum Institute and the American Automobile Association agree that up to 90% of the cars on American roads today were designed to tolerate no more than 10% of ethanol in the fuel used in their engines.  An increase to 15% will absolutely be damaging to your car engine, a “death sentence to the engines of most personal vehicles in the U.S.”, according to the A.P.I. and AAA.

This is at a time where most Americans surveyed say they cannot handle an unexpected expense of a mere $1,000.00 without having to sell something, if they even have any kind of asset they could quickly liquidate to cash.  This is at a time when the average wage of the American middle class has fallen to below $30,000.00 a year.

What happens when 90% of the driving public has to suddenly replace their cars?  It will be a financial catastrophe that most Americans will not be able to deal with, causing tremendous economic dislocation.  “Economic dislocation” is economist-speak for people losing their jobs, because they don’t have a way to get to work.

Pie in the Sky enviro-wackos don’t care.  They think everybody should be forced to use mass transit, even though mass transit doesn’t serve, or serves poorly, most suburban work locations.  Ride share companies like Uber and Lyft might be able to fill in some of the demand, but not all.  Anything that curtails oil use is welcome news for them, and damn the consequences or the human cost.  Government authoritarians want to destroy the freedom that personal automobile ownership represents.  Nothing will please the New World Order elites more than destroying the freedom of the open road.  Marxists like breaking eggs to make omelets.  Lots and lots of eggs.

None of which is of any concern to Lord Barry, sitting safely on his throne in Washington, D.C.  Any day Lord Barry can hurt ordinary working class Americans out in the suburbs is a good day for Lord Barry, who hates America and particularly the Americans who live here.

If you think that it would be a great idea for the government to mandate a toxic blend of fuel that will kill your car, then vote for Hillary.  If you want the madness to stop, then vote for Donald Trump.